Haswell Stats Update: 32,000 results, 2300+ Overclockers, Z87X-OC Most Popular, True Monkey (DE) Most Active

In a thread on our forums we regularly present basic statistics on Haswell overclocking at HWBOT. The previous update dated back in December 2013, so it was time to run the database queries again and update the statistics. You can find more details here, but for those too lazy to click through here's a round up of the information.

In total there are 32867 benchmark results submitted with the Haswell architecture, by 2334 overclockers. The most popular motherboard brand is ASUS, but the most popular motherboard remains the GIGABYTE Z87X-OC. The presence of the very affordable MSI Z87-G45 Gaming in the top-5 of most popular motherboards is remarkable given its price point of EUR €120 and market positioning as gaming and not overclocking motherboard. For extreme overclockers, ASRock has the strongest presence in the top-5 as both the full size as the micro-ATX version of the OC Formula are prime pick.

Looking at the processor choice, it's no surprise that the two most popular SKUs are the Core i7 4770K and the Core i5 4670K. It is noteworthy that the fourth most popular Haswell CPU is the Core i3 4340. This little statistic fits neatly with our recently published article "Making A Case For Unlocked Dual Core CPU - Research On Losing The Entry Level Overclockers" in which we advocate for a low-cost overclockable processor SKU. In terms of cooling, HWBOT is definitely not as extreme as many people seem to think. Roughly 45% uses water cooling, compared to 17% liquid nitrogen.

If we look more closely at the community statistics, we find True Monkey to be the most active Haswell overclocker with 540 results submitted. With 16 CPUs he also has the largest processor collection. Overclock.net has the largest active community with 912 submissions and it is the United States featuring as top Haswell country.

Let us know what you think and what other statistics you would like to check out!

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