SF3D Sets New Record in HWBOT Prime (6xCPU) With 6.3G 4930K and EK-SF3D Inflection Point

In the Pro OC 2014 Round 1 HWBOT Prime stage, SF3D from Finland just set a new record score. With an incredibly well-clocking Core i7 4930K at 6300 MHz and the help of his very own EK-SF3D Inflection Point CPU pot, he scored 8512.18 PPS for the United Overclockers Pro OC team. His lead over second place in HWBOT Prime, held by Gunslinger from KPC Pro OC #2, is 'only' 54pts. In the world of HWBOT Prime however, 54 points is quite a margin.

Thanks to this result the United Overclockers jump to fifth place in the first round of this season's Pro OC Cup. Overall, the team is now ranked 3rd. In the Pro OC MVP ranking - the "members ranking" - SF3D makes a re-entry in the top-10, now #7.

Great 'clocking!

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