Datafile for Catzilla Temporarily Disabled, Screenshot Mandatory for Verification

To make concessions to the complaints of the community, we have (temporarily) disabled submitting Catzilla results using datafiles. The original plan was to establish a communication bridge between the Catzilla site and HWBOT, and use the bridge to submit results easily. The submission process turned out to be a little difficult and because the lack of validation link, many results have no verification attached to it.

We will be looking into improving the support for datafile submission through the Catzilla site. In the meantime we have disabled datafile submissions. That means the verification required is a screenshot and/or a verification link. The verification screenshot requires the same amount of information as the Futuremark benchmarks, which means CPU-Z, GPU-Z and the Catzilla score window. We will update the rules pages accordingly.

Keep you updated!

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