4x 16-Core AMD Opteron 6386 SE Sets New Record in Java-based HWBOT Prime Benchmark

In the beginning of this year we enabled points for several new benchmarks. One of those benchmarks is our in-house developed Java-based benchmark HWBOT Prime. With 820 submissions in the first two weeks of 2014 alone, HWBOT Prime is currently the second most popular benchmark at HWBOT. And that means overclockers from around the world attempt to set top scores. Most of the benchers are active in the 4-core, 6-core, or 8-core categories where we see the AMD FX series doing surprisingly well compared to the Core i7 4k series. On LN2 an FX-8350 at 7.65 GHz is only slightly slower than a Core i7 4930K at 6 GHz.

AMD is doing fairly well in this Java-based benchmark. Dhenzjhen from the Philippines set a new overall World Record using 4 16-core Opteron 6386 SE processors. The 64-core strong 4P configuration scores close to 15,000 points!

For more information:

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  • HWBOT Prime open source development thread: click

For those interested, here's a chart displaying the performance/record scaling per core count for AMD and Intel.

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