Aquamark 3 v2.53 Up For Download - Ton of Bugfixes

Just a heads up for those having issues with v2.52 of the Aquamark wrapper. El Genieben has uploaded a new version which includes a bunch of fixes. You can find the changelog here or below this paragraph. You can download the new version here. Note that the support for V2.26 will drop from 2014 as we announced earlier this year (reference). The changelog:

  • [FIX] Menus 'Forums' and 'Clear Aq3 Logs' now work.
  • [UPD] Minor GUI changes and fixes.
  • [UPD] Separated benchmark specific code from GUI code and further optimized for speed and memory usage.
  • [UPD] Certains brands are renamed when saving the scorefile to match with HWBOT's database.
  • [UPD] System Info Library updated to v1.08, with the following changes:

    • Improved detection of RAM Vendor & P/N
    • New Drivers: Cat13.11 WHQ/Beta9.4/Beta9.5
    • New GPUs: MSI 7970 Reference / TwinFrozrIII / Lightning
    • Improved CPU Socket detection
    • New SKUs: Toshiba Satellite P755-11T, HP Envy 6-1076ez
    • Renamed CardExpert Technology to Gainward, BFT Tech to BFG, Palit Microsystems to Palit