Der8auer Sets New AMD SuperPI 32M Record During Pro OC Cup - CPU Clocked Over 8GHz!

The Pro OC Cup is not just an overclocking competition. It features some of the most accomplished overclockers in the world, and requires (mostly) the best hardware in the world. In every round, there is always the atypical stage. For this round, that would be the AMD SuperPI 32M stage. Usually the overclockers of Pro OC would not touch the AMD CPUs, let alone compete with them. To commemorate the efforts of Finnish overclocker The Stilt, who has done fantastic development work on AMD platforms the last couple of months, the organization decided to include AMD anyway.

The result is surprising (and not surprising). It is surprising to see how entertaining and challenging the Pro OC finds overclocking these CPUs. The experience is certainly different from the Ivy Bridges and Haswells of this world. The not-so surprising part is that the AMD Pi-32M record has been improved. This not because there is no competition, as GIGABYTE held an AMD competition not so long ago, but because the people competing in Pro OC are just very good overclockers. Today, Der8auer from Team Germany is the first to go below the 9min 30sec mark on AMD. He accomplishes this with a CPU clocked at - and we advise you to sit down for this - 8026MHz. Yes! That's right! Over 8GHz SuperPI 32M stable! That is pretty darn impressive.

This score pushes Team Germany to a 5th place in this round. That is definitely not bad for a team that has only just signed up. Having missed out on the first two rounds of this season, Team Germany will not be competing for the top spots in this season's overall ranking. But with this (and their other results) they should be a highly competitive team next year!

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