Australia Takes Control of Country Cup and Leads Before USA and Germany

We are now ten days into the HWBOT Country Cup 2013 competition, and have had a couple changes on the leaderboard already. A lot of people expected Germany to dominate the competition from the start, but it is Australia that is currently in pole position. That is surprising given Australia's relative lack of experience in the Country Cup. They only appeared on the board in 2011, finishing 27th out of 28 participating countries. Last year, the 'clockers from Down Under finished 32nd of 35. With a score of 196 points so far, it is very likely they will do better than the previous editions. But are they geared to compete with the favorites when the big names start competing?

In any case, leading at one point during the competition is already a great achievement. Congratulations!

Check out the competition page for more information: click.

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