Last 48h Of Pro OC Q3'13 Coming Up - KPC Pro OC To Win Round 2?

The second round of the Pro OC Cup is ending. In a bit more than forty-eight hours, we know which team can claim victory. From the looks of it, KPC Pro OC (k|ngp|n, AndreYang, Splave.ROM, NickShih, Christian Ney) are on their way to the second win in a row having also won the first round. The difference between the leader and number two United Overclockers is smaller than last time. At the moment of writing, UO is trailing by 39 points. It is not impossible to overcome, but will require some strong scores in the final hours of the contest. Numbers 2 and three from last round, KPC Pro OC #2 and Kronos Pro OC, are now respectively ranked third and 5th. Especially KPC Pro OC #2 might want to prepare a comeback as they lost second place in the overall season's ranking to United Overclockers.

From the newcomers, OCUKPro is showing the best numbers. The team featuring HiVizMan and 8 Pack ranks 4th this round, this is very good for a new team. We wish them the best of luck to withstand the next 48 hours of competition.

Looking at the Pro OC Member Ranking we see AndreYang still is the number one, having a 5.6pts margin to Gyrock from Japan. Gyrock is holding the (team) fort all by himself, placing 9th in last round and currently 7th in this round. An impressive feat, and he certainly has not stolen that second place. Further down the ranks we find Gunslinger, SF3D, and Lucky_n00b.

We are looking forward to the conclusion of this round. The next round is coming in September, and will of course feature a lot of Ivy Bridge-E. Next round will be the deciding factor to see who is crowned the winner of the first season of Pro OC Cup! Stay tuned!

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