HWBOT Aquamark3 Wrapper V2.26 Mandatory From September 1 (Update: Download Available!)

Update 03/09: for those who missed the news, and those who missed the download link, you can find the latest version of GENIEBEN's HWBOT Aquamark3 wrapper here or the V2.26 straight from our server here. Enjoy!

Original news item from August 15 below

Heads-up for everyone who still has Aquamark3 backup scores. From September 1, only HWBOT Aquamark3 v2.26 will be allowed for submissions. The new version comes with a couple security updates that require us to only allow this version. We want to give you a heads-up now so you have plenty of time (two weeks) left to submit scores with older versions.


  • [ADD] Basic system info displayed into main window. WMI service must be ON.
  • [ADD] Multiple cores affinity (up to 64).
  • [ADD] Norwegian Translation (thanks Maximous)
  • [ADD] User can select benchmark settings between Manual and Auto. Use manual for old cards/IGP.
  • [FIX] Improved security.
  • [FIX] Logo's alpha channel didn't work on older cards displaying a black background.
  • [FIX] Save and Open CPUZ/GPUZ buttons will not be shown if benchmark was aborted.
  • [REM] Removed 'Submit online' button until it works better.
  • [REM] VC Redis will no longer be installed on 6.x systems as it's not needed.
  • [UPD] Improved translations in RO/IT/FR.
  • [UPD] Installer will let you install on 98/ME but there is no guarantee it will work.
  • [UPD] GUI Redesigned to allow more information and future skins.

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