New DDR3 Frequency Milestone - DDR3-4400 By TeamAU and G.SKILL TridentX (Hynix MFR)

Hynix MFR does not have an easy life in the world of overclocking. Many, including yours truly, complain about the lack of performance a single-sided highly overclocked kit brings to the table. Especially in combination with the usually very high price tag, it's sometimes hard to thumbs up an MFR-based benchmark result. But then again, this Hynix MFR overclocks so magically high! TeamAU just uploaded the first-ever over DDR3-4400 and set another milestone for DDR3 memory. Using a single stick of G.SKILL TridentX, the Taiwan-based memory vendor will surely be pleased to take back the memory frequency record.

Well done!

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