Finally! GTX 780 Beats Titan - K|ngp|n Nails 3DMark Fire Strike Record At 1870/1950

What I believe all extreme overclockers around the world hoped would happen, has finally happened. K|ngp|n from the KPC Pro OC team has proven that the GTX Titan can be beaten with the lower priced GTX 780. At frequencies of 1870/1950, the GTX 780 scored 15331 points in the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark, scoring 60 points higher than the GTX Titan clocked at 1800/1950 (also K|ngp|n's by the way). That means good news for everyone as the price for a potentially record-breaking GPU has dropped by roughly USD $300. Awesome!

Both results were achieved on the soon-to-be-ancient Sandy Bridge-E platform. We can expect even higher results with the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E.

Great work, K|ngp|n. Now we wait for others to catch up!

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