Delly (Italy) Wins HWBOT ALLBenchmark July OC Relaxation Contest - Psyko (USA) and Jiccman1965 (USA) Runner-ups

During the month of July - usually a time for vacation with family and friends - we hosted the ALLBenchmark July OC Relaxation Contest to familiarize the community with the new benchmark. The set up was quite simple. One month, five stages with each their own hardware requirements, and everything just for fun. In the end, 79 overclockers joined the competition and entered just over 300 benchmark scores. That is not bad for a relaxed competition! Delly from Italy topped the competition ranking throughout the competition and it comes to no surprise he came out as winner of the contest. With each of the five stages requiring very different hardware to be competitive, it is great to see five different stage winners.

Overclocker Total Points
Italy delly 82 pts
United States Psyko 75 pts
United States jiccman1965 63 pts
South Africa Tweak-venetica- 58 pts
Amir Abd El Fattah 57 pts
Overclocker Stage Winning Score
us Mikecdm 576p (Kitty) Single GPU 33065 marks (25 pts)
za Tweak-venetica- 576p (Kitty) AMD CPU 28939 marks (25 pts)
it delly 576p (Kitty) IGP 4390 marks (25 pts)
us Psyko 576p (Kitty) Dual Core CPU 17332 marks (25 pts)
id hanny_chris 576p (Kitty) Top Score 40341 marks (25 pts)

More information on the competition page:

Since this is a relatively new benchmark at HWBOT, we saw a lot of hardware class records. Congratulations to everyone who obtained golden cups! During the competition, Hanny_Chris from Indonesia also set the highest ALLBenchmark - 576p (Kitty) score at HWBOT, making him the WR holder at that time. To achieve the score of 40341 points, Hanny used a configuration with a Core i7 4770K at 4700MHz (water-cooled!) and 3x Radeon HD 7970 at 1150/1750. This is not the most extreme record-breaking setup out there, but regardless it is a great score. In the meantime, the score was beaten by Daniz185, also from Indonesia, with a score of 45287 points. Luckily, Hanny will forever be a former record-holder and can be seen in our record timeline!

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