G.SKILL Releases The World's Fastest DDR3 32GB (8GBx4) Memory at 3000MHz Extreme Speed

Taipei, Taiwanー2nd June, 2013ーG.SKILL International Co. Ltd., the worldwide leading high performance memory designer and manufacturer, is pleased to announce the fastest, new DDR3 Memory Kit, “DDR3 3000MHz 32GB(4x8GB)”; it is the latest addition to the TridentX Series designed for the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors and Z87 system.

G.SKILL presents the ultimate speed of DDR3 3000 MHz C12 with up to 32GB (4x8GB) ultra high capacity. The following screen shows the kit passing Memtest pro with the low voltage of 1.65v, this was achieved using an Intel 4770K processor and the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme.

Frequency Timings Available Capacity Voltage
2666 MHz12-13-13-358GBx21.65V
2666 MHz12-13-13-358GBx41.65V
2800 MHz12-14-14-354GBx21.65V
2800 MHz12-14-14-354GBx41.65V
2800 MHz12-14-14-358GBx21.65V
2800 MHz12-14-14-358GBx41.65V
2933 MHz12-14-14-354GBx21.65V
2933 MHz12-14-14-354GBx41.65V
2933 MHz12-14-14-358GBx21.65V
2933 MHz12-14-14-358GBx41.65V
3000 MHz12-14-14-354GBx21.65V
3000 MHz12-14-14-354GBx41.65V
3000 MHz12-14-14-358GBx41.65V

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