Computex 2013 Overclocking Madness Kicks Off with USD $20,000 Corsair/Intel OC Competition

For those who are following our Computex 2013 Overclocking thread at the forums it's not a big surprise when we title "Overclocking Madness" in this news post. So far, we have listed 47 overclockers attending the IT tradeshow in Taipei, Taiwan and that number is still going up. In terms of overclocking events and demonstration, we have eight listed events before, during and after Computex being hosted this year. Not all are open for participation and some require RSVP but most of them are available to any HWBOT user who wants to check it out.

Next month's overclocking madness kicks off with a 4th Generation Intel Core Processors (we all know by now) Haswell overclocking competition as a joint effort between Corsair and Intel. The competition features not only a cash prize purse of USD $20,000 - a vast amount compared to previous live overclocking events - but also direct competition between the various ODMs. Of course, all vendor employees will compete under a pseudonym team. Whom can we expect? Well, it is a list of big names: 8 Pack, Hicookie, Pt1t, Dinos22, Mad222, Der8auer and so on. In total, we expect ten teams to participate although the official invitational only lists fifteen overclockers so far. For example, Slamms and AndreYang who are allegedly going to form the ASUS team are not on the list yet. According to the full size invitation, (click on the image on top) attendants will not only get a lot of overclocking, but also food and drinks!

The competition starts on Monday June 3 1PM and finishes at 6PM, giving the competitors five hours to get the top score. Overclocking-TV will be present to cover the event as is yours truly, Massman, but merely assisting Corsair's Jake "Cpt.Planet" Crimmins as judge. As far as I know, there is still place at the venue. For more information, check out the Eventbrite page or follow up on behind-the-scenes information of the Corsair/Intel and all other overclocking stuff in our official Computex 2013 Overclocking forum topic.

Have fun all!

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