Intel Core i7 4770K Haswell On Sale in Taiwan? Retail Box Pictured by Coolaler!

As interesting Intel's processor launches may be, the (unofficial) launch procedures hardly ever change. As usual, we got the first real review from the United States performed by Tom's Hardware Guide - not Anandtech, surprisingly - and the first retail samples are leaking through in the east. Usually, we would see the first retails popping up in China but this time it seems Taiwan made the holeshot. Who else than Coolaler could managed to get his hands on a pair of brand-new Core i7 4770K CPUs. From the pictures posted at Facebook, we can clearly see the new design of the processor box as well as distinguish the batch code: Malay L306B332. For overclocking results we will probably still have to wait a bit, but I doubt we will have to wait for the launch at Computex.

... now where is that shop ...

Belgium Massman says:

Malay? Yuk ... :P

Antarctica Trouffman says:

and Boom once again NDA anyone ? :D

Iran Behzad Tak says:

Batch is L306B332 ;)

United States sin0822 says:

and Boom once again NDA anyone ? :D


course not !

TaPaKaH says:

Doesn't necessarily has to be on sale for pics of retail box. You know, distributors stock these long in advance :)

Croatia stasio says:

at first

this is the 4770k retail box, not sample, as you saw

i can't tell you that is it a general issue? or not

if you can hold it in this moment you shall know

about the temperature of the 4770k

i am sure it is very very hot

even more then the temperature of the 3770K in my case

CPU-Z Voltage is real, same as BIOS setting

HT already when 5GHz Vcore 1.58v around for water cooled

and just can do simply benchmark only

United States Turn&Burn says:

There in some of the PC stores there but not for sale yet my honey is there visiting her family and I had her check like most of us Coolaler who I know has contacts :)

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