Hero and AngelNa Win 24h Overclocking Competition MSI OC24 Extreme Master China 2013 (+ video!)

A couple of days before the Intel IDF event in Beijing, which we covered two weeks ago, MSI China hosted a very interesting and intriguing new style of overclocking competition. Instead of making the competition intense by having the participants put out top scores in a limited amount of time, the teams of two were given a considerable set of tasks to complete within the timeframe of twenty-four hours. Yes! Kind of like the television series, only without terrorists, bombs and guns, but with liquid nitrogen, overclocking and prizes!

The benchmark tasks were unconventional. It was not just about maximizing the components and hitting the highest frequencies using liquid nitrogen. The tests included games such as the latest Tomb Raider and Lost Planet 2, a power consumption limited round of 3DMark, a video-encoding task and a decibel stage where the system was limited to a specific noise level. For all this, a total prize of 30,000 RMB (~ EUR €1500) had been prepared. 5,000 RMB for the overall winner and 1,000 RMB for every stage winner.

In the end, it was famous Chinese overclocker Hero and his wife AngelNa who came out on top. As the language barrier prevents us from getting more in detail on the win, we can only congratulate the winners as well as the other participants. Overclocking for twenty-four hours straight is no joke and making it to the end is a great accomplishment. Also thumbs up to MSI China for organising an overclocking competition that is not the same old story. We are looking forward to seeing more of this type of events around the world!

You can find HKEPC's report on the even, in Chinese, here: click.

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