Start Your Ignition! - A Dream Of An OC Lab At GIGABYE Headquarters (Pics + Video)

We all know Hicookie as the man who voices all of our overclocking wishes and dreams inside GIGABYTE and tries to get opinions heard, problems fixed and suggestions implemented. He's been around for ages at GIGABYTE, starting his work as technical marketing in 2006. Since that time, overclocking has evolved quite a lot. Where it used to be something companies were afraid of and did not even want to talk about, each of the major mainboard vendors now have dedicated staff looking after the wishes of the overclocking community. It has become a lot more professional - both in terms of community approach as well as the resulting products. Without this professional evolution, we might perhaps still be stuck with jumpers, coldbug problems and other silly overclocking products.

As a testimony to that evolution, yesterday we attended the official opening of GIGABYTE's OC Lab, located on the fourth floor of their headquarters here in Taipei, Taiwan. For now, the OC Lab still looks very clean, but as Hicookie moves all the gear from his - let's admit very messy looking - cubical(s), the place will become a true overclocking lab. The best thing about the lab? Four Titans. Or is it the beer/bar area? You decide.

The plans for this new OC Lab are, aside from housevesting Cookie for the next couple of years, all revolving around overclocking. The lab counts three dedicated OC stations at which a maximum of six overclockers can do their thing. There's a bar as well as a seating area and a whiteboard for brainstorming. Also, we find a dedicated tank of liquid nitrogen tucked away on the side. There's enough closet space to hold a couple of Z87-OC motherboards (although we sadly could not find any yet. A little birdie told us the lab will be in use from next Monday morning, but for some reason we are not allowed to see who or what the four overclockers will be doing.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the new lab as well as a video. Enjoy!

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