Overclock.net N2OC Event On April 12-14 In Missouri Featuring Some Of USA's Best Overclockers

Overclock.net's N2OC events are becoming legendary. The concept is quite simple: find a location, arrange a couple liters of liquid nitrogen, team up a bunch of experienced extreme overclockers with a few less experienced and just start overclocking!

It looks like we've gotten enough interest and enough details to get this event announced publicly! OCN will be hosting another N2OC event!

Located at Moparman's computer shop, B&C Computers, in Farmington, MO, we'll be benching from Friday the 12th at around 7:00 PM CST all the way through Sunday the 14th. Farmington is right at an hour outside of St. Louis, so it should be pretty accessible. Additionally, we'll have 1,260L of liquid nitrogen (!!!!) at our disposal so it's sure to be a nice frosty meet.

If you're interested in attending, post here! Please note that attendance will require a waiver (found below). If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign this! We'll be sleeping (ha!) in the building/room located next to Moparman's shop so you do not have to pay for a hotel (please bring an air mattress/sleeping bag). If you've ever been to a LAN party, treat this as such. We're looking into providing a meal on Saturday night for a small fee (in the neighborhood of $5), but this has not been nailed down. Bring food and/or money to buy some.

More details (including what to bring) can be found in the Private Group. Group access is reserved for those who plan on attending, though anyone can see and read what is posted there.

Currently confirmed "Experienced Overclockers"

  • xxbassplayerxx (OCN)
  • Moparman (OCN)
  • Remnant8888888 (OCN)
  • I.M.O.G. (OCF)
  • Dolk (OCF)
  • sunset1 (OCN)
  • Icebob (Pure)
  • Gunslinger (Pure)
  • Mikecdm (Pure)
  • Pizzaman (OCN) & Splashdwn (OCN)
  • Valgaur (OCN)

Confirmed "Spectators / New Benchers"

  • Ferrari8608
  • DarknBeyond
  • DeadFire
  • Loosenut
  • Krusher33
  • Failed Username
  • Capwn

Have fun guys! May the clocks be with you!

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