OCLab.ru Grabs Scoop on Haswell(?): First Benchmark Performance Results

It's not a full review yet, but the guys from the Russian OCLab.ru website managed to get the first testing results from the upcoming Intel Haswell architecture. They put the CPU through four popular benchmarks for overclockers: SuperPI 1M, SuperPI 32M, PiFast, Wprime 32M and Wprime 1024M. The CPU used was a Intel Haswell B0 stepping clocked at 2.8GHz and they compared it to an Ivy Bridge clocked at 2.8GHz. The OCLab.ru benchmark results:

  • Super PI 32M
    • Haswell: 11 minutes 27.505 seconds
    • Ivy Bridge: 11 minutes 49.094 seconds
  • Super PI 1M
    • Haswell: 14,1 seconds
    • Ivy Bridge: 13,1 seconds
  • PiFast
    • Haswell: 24,01 seconds
    • Ivy Bridge: 25,5 seconds
  • Wprime 32M
    • Haswell: 12.8x seconds
    • Ivy Bridge: 13.97 seconds
  • Wprime 1024M
    • Haswell: 7 minutes 11.181 seconds
    • Ivy Bridge: 7 minutes 11.8xx seconds

Of course we were unable to verify if the presented performance results are indeed correct and to what extend the BIOS was optimised for performance. Given the odd results for the SuperPI 1M benchmark, it might be possible that the BIOS is not ready yet (or that the results were mixed up). As always, we have to be careful with leaked information you can find on the internet - pagehits and views are ruling this world - but given that the number One of the HWBOT Pro OC League definitely has a solid amount of contacts in the industry (just google a bit and you'll find out) we consider this leak to be plausible at least. In any case, if true, these results are nothing more than a first indication of the Haswell performance level - we are eagerly waiting for the first information about the overclocking capabilities to leak out.

For more information, check out their news article: link.

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