AndreYang improves SuperPI 32M record - First 7GHz 32M, first below 4min 40sec

The SuperPI 32M battle started two days ago with SF3D taking down the Russian with a CPU that he, ironically, purchased from the Russians. The now Finnish Core i7 3770K was pushed all the way upto 6972 MHz and, combined with an ASRock Z77 OC Formula mainboard and DDR3-2700 CL7-11-7 memory, brought the 32M record to 4 minutes 41.671 seconds. Only a day later, Taiwan-based AndreYang beat that record was already outdated as "Mr. Binning" pushed his CPU to an incredible 6992 MHz, resulting in a solid 4 minutes 41.140 seconds run.

That record is today, 24 hours after the previous score, also old news as the same AndreYang pushed his chip to an even more incredible 7022 MHz. The CPU is the first to reach 7GHz Super PI 32M stable and also the first to beat the 4 minutes 40 seconds barrier by 114ms.

Looking forward to the next score in this battle!

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