February's Freeze the Midwest (St. Louis Meetup, Feb 18-19)

Meet with the overclockers from the Overclock.net team in St.Louis! Check out the thread at Overclock.net for more information.

Forum thread: http://www.overclock.net/t/1204453/februarys-freeze-the-midwest-st-louis-meetup-feb-18-19.

With the new push to have LN2 events every month, St. Louis is getting another shot at it. If you're at all interested in subzero overclocking or just want to meet a few members, drop by and join us! We'll have at least 230L of LN2 to go around, possibly more.

Please let me know in this thread if you plan to attend and I'll add you to the guest list. Let me know what subzero equipment and hardware you can bring so we can make sure we have everything we need!

We're currently looking for a venue. St. Louis University is one of the top prospects right now... I'm just waiting to hear back from Events Services. If you know of any good places, shoot myself or Tator a PM!

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