CPU-Z: Change in validation checks for very high overclocking

More security added to CPU-Z's online validation system.

Just a note to tell you I just changed some steps of the internal validation check. Now, to get your dump validated, you need a clean frequency over time ("time" is, of course, not an hour but 2-3 seconds max.). This was added in order to reject all dumps where the CPU was throttling or unable to keep its rated frequency more than some milliseconds. Some guys spammed the validation key as long as needed to get a result "validated". We don't think a quarter second frequency might be called a "validated overclocking", so I added that check.

This issue is mainly affecting AMD K10 CPU (Intel doesn't seems to be concerned). No problem found so far with the Bulldozer OC Contest currently in progress.

PS : many bogus dumps were removed from world records.

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