MSI Xtreme Speeder P55 Online Competition

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MSI Xtreme Speeder P55 Online Competition – HWBOT Content Site

MSI Xtreme Speeder P55 Online Competition

MSI launched P55 Xtreme Speed series motherboards for two months now, and countless worldwide top media gave MSI P55 the highest recommendation on performance, stability and quality. Therefore, on behalf of MSI, we invite all overclockers around the world to join the Xtreme Speeder P55 Online Competition and to challenge undiscovered extreme overclocking territory of MSI P55 and Intel Lynnfield CPU.

1. Concept

The Xtreme Speeder P55 online competition consists of one main competition, divided into three stages with each an extra challenge. Although this sounds extremely complicated in theory, you will see that it is in fact a very straight-forward and certainly most interesting competition.

The main competition consists out of three stages which will be discussed in the next paragraph. For each stage you can gather points and whoever gathers the most points in each stage wins the overall competition. Next to the main competition, there will also be prizes awarded for the winner of each stage and in addition a bonus prize for breaking a world record!

The competition period:

  • Start: 15/11/2009 (15th of November 2009) 12:00:00 CEST
  • End: 13/12/2009 (13th of December 2009) 12:00:00 CEST

2. Competition details

2.a. Stages

Before we go deeper into the competition, it’s important for you to understand that it is not an absolute necessity to submit a score to each stage of the competition. No submitting doesn’t lead to disqualification, but it does lower your chances of winning one of the big prizes awarded to the overall winners. In other words, it is perfectly possible to focus completely on one stage to win the prize awarded to the stage winner. Underneath a list of the three stages.

2.b. Hardware requirements

As this an MSI P55 competition, we do have a couple of hardware limitations set in place to make sure the playing field is as equal as possible. Underneath a list of the competition-specific limitations.

  • Processor must be Lynnfield core
  • Motherboard brand must be MSI
  • Retail hardware only

2.c. Scoring methodology

So, as you already know from the introduction, the overall winners are appointed using the total amount of points gathered during the three stages. Evidently, the overclocker who gathers the most points wins the competition, but this does not mean that this person has won all three stages. It is even possible to be the overall winner without winning any of the stages!

For each stage, this is the scoring algorythm:

  • 1st = 10 points
  • 2nd = 8 points
  • 3rd = 6 points
  • 4th = 5 points
  • 5th = 4 points
  • 6th = 3 points
  • 7th = 2 points
  • 8th = 1 point

In other words, the maximum amount of points that can be acquired is 30.

3. Prizes

  • Overall top three prizes
    • First Place: USD $2000
    • Second Place: USD $1500
    • Third Place: USD $1000
    • Special Prize for Core i5 Overall Top Score: USD $1000
  • Stage winners
    • CPU-Z, SuperPI 32M, Wprime 32M: USD $1000
  • World record breaker
    • CPU-Z, SuperPI 32M, Wprime 32M: USD $500
  • Lucky draw
    • MSI Big Bang Fuzion mainboard: 1 per week (4 in total)
    • MSI Big Bang limited edition book bag: 5 per week (20 in total)

– All prizes are including tax
– MSI reserves the right to change prizes and details without prior notice.

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  1. Big Bang for lucky draw …not bad :-)

    But the bad thing is I am never lucky on draw lots …been in the company for quite some time and the only prize i won was a coffee mug BUT that is only a consolation prize since everybody will be getting something !

  2. # Special Prize for Core i5 Overall Top Score: USD $1000

    I saw Lynnfield in the rules and this words about Core i5, so there will be both CPUs? I mean Core i5 and i7? So all CPUS LGA 1156 based??


    PS: congrats for this great contest :)

  3. Hmm…. i5-650, isnt that processor, clarkdale to be released within competition time, IF released, then its a go, aye???
    Heard a bird whisper about early december…. But yet again, might just have been alcohoL?

  4. @ Delex: Lynnfield = Core i5 and Core i7 series. With Lynnfield, we mean the LGA1156 series indeed. The competition is a P55 competition :)

    @ Damir: no restrictions

    @ M.Beier: no Clarkdale, only Lynnfield.

  5. Hi guys, subscription to that competition is simply done when someone will post a result with msi mobo+1156 cpu in the right slice of time?
    Or it’s needed to fullfill a module or something like that? Thanks!

  6. I will have to check with MSI HQ for that, Miahallen. Good question!

    For the record, the special Core i5 bonus prize will be awarded to the person who scores best overall using ONLY the Core i5. So, you have to use the Core i5 in each stage to be qualified for this prize.

  7. Good news!!

    It’s no problem to try in multiple categories. So, you can submit 3x with an i7 for the overall prize and 3x with i5 for the special bonus prize.

    Good luck with that :-D

  8. ok so each stage win’s someone 1000 USD? so they give out 3000 USD in total for 3 stages + 2000 for the winner with best overall points?

    also i would like to know,
    World record breaker
    CPU-Z, SuperPI 32M, Wprime 32M: USD $500

    what world record? Like the current lynnfield world record? (for CPU-Z i think hicookie set it at 5.7?)
    AND if the world record was set using a ES cpu, do we have to try break it with a retail cpu? or do we compete vs another retail wr cpu?


  9. – Stage win = USD $1000; 3 stages => 3x USD $1000
    – Overall ranking: 2000-1500-1000 + best core i5: 1000

    – World record breaker = beat world record here at HWBOT. Hicookie’s 5.7G is with ES, but counts as world record. This competition is retail only, so you must try to beat it with a retail CPU.

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