MSI Afterburner 1.4.0 released - bypass CCC limits.

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MSI Afterburner 1.4.0 released – bypass CCC limits.

image002.pngThere are a couple of updates coming with this new version, for instance the support for the GT240 and HD5970, but the most important feature ought to be allowing people to increase the frequency beyond the CCC limits without having to flash the bios. Inside the list of updates and how-to increase the frequency limitations.

Increase CCC limits

!! This function has been disabled by default for safety reasons! Note that neither MSI nor HWBOT is responsible for your overclocking actions !!

  1. Go to installed directory of MSI Afterburner, default: C:\Program file\MSI Afterburner
  2. Use notepad to edit “MSIAfterburner.cfg”
  3. Change the parameter of “EnableUnofficialOverclocking” from “0” to “1”.


Updates relevant to overclocking

  • Added initial AMD RADEON HD 5970 series graphics cards support
  • Added voltage control for cost down reference design AMD RADEON HD 4870 series graphics cards with L6788A voltage regulators
  • Added voltage control for custom design MSI R4770 Cyclone graphics cards series with uP6204 voltage regulators
  • Fixed L6788A database entry for AMD RADEON HD 4770 series graphics cards
  • Added safety option allowing users to disable voltage control feature if it is not needed