About hwbot.

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About hwbot.

What is HWBOT?

(en español: ¿Qué es HWBot?)

HWBot.org, main office located in Belgium, is a dynamic team of international hardware fanatics as well as internationally recognized overclockers, dedicated to gathering specifications and benchmark performance results of computer hardware as well as serving a non-stop overclocking competition platform for amateur and die-hard overclockers. You can use HWBot to compare processor or graphics card specifications, to compare the performance of different products using the HWBot Hardware comparator which gives people a more balanced view on the overclocking capabilities as well as the performance of hardware in comparison to one-man based reviews.

As already mentioned, next to the specifications and comparison features, HWBot also features the world’s only non-stop overclocking competition platform known as the HWBoints rankings. 28,000 overclockers from all over the world compete in more than ten of the most popular benchmarks in thousands of hardware categories, resulting in over 500,000 benchmark results, a figure that is increasing by over 300 every day. The benchmark results generate points awarded to both the member’s profile, the team’s profile and the country of origin and based on those points members are ranking in the Overclockers League, Hardware Masters League, Teams League and many more sub-rankings.

We offer a very extensive database, including specifications and detailed overclocking information of more than 1600 processors, 930 video cards and 1900 motherboard models, thanks to the 500.000 detailed overclocking submissions by our members.

HWBOT currently supports the following overclocking-related projects

# Ocbay, free online auctions for overclockers.
# Overclocking-TV, broadcasting live overclocking events all over the world.
# The Overclocker, free e-magazine dedicated to overclocking.
# MaxxPI, designing new benchmarks for measuring hardware performance


Hwbot started as a school task, but due to large success development continued after graduation. For the first 18 months the HWBOT crew existed solely from richba5tard, a former Madshrimps reviewer. As popularity tripled each 6 months, additional crew members were necessary.

Things really sped up when Mtzki joined, intellectual father of some key HWBOT features like HWBoints. Once Saucy joined, a walking video card library, the video card database grew significantly, making HWBOT an excellent resource for video card specifications. Sadhiq recently joined to maintain the processor specifications, at which he’s doing a great job too. Massman is our primary result moderator, who looks after the validity and consistency of the submitted benchmark result, removing all cheaters instantly.
Since October 1st 2009, Massman is working on the development of HWBot full time, supported by RichBa5tard who is still taking care of the coding side of this project.

Mission statement.

General statement.

HWBOT aims to exist as a non-profit organization supporting the world of overclocking any way possible. As an organization, our goals are split up in two major parts: the community and the business.
As for the community, we try to cater three different groups: the general IT interested, the hobbyist performance enthusiast and the professional extreme overclocker.


For the part of the IT community that has a general interest in hardware performance without going further than just looking and analyzing performance results, HWBOT aims to provide accurate performance and overclocking-related information. It is our goal to translate the overclocking data provided by the HWBOT community into an easy-to-understand set of charts and articles to provide the end-user with accurate estimations of the performance of hardware as well as the overclocking capabilities and performance gains. Through our selection of different benchmarks, we aim to balance our estimations as much as possible. The goal of providing accurate data on performance and overclocking related information is to provide a real-world alternative for the marketing claims by hardware manufacturers.

For the hobbyist performance enthusiast, which includes the hobbyist extreme overclockers, it’s our goal to provide a healthy and fun environment where people can find the tools to not only gather all their overclocking achievements, but also the necessary motivation to maximize the hardware performance and achieve the best possible benchmark results on any given hardware configuration. It is our goal to let more people enjoy the act of performance tuning regardless of the end result. Through our monthly non-profit (meaning no prizes) competitions, we try to encourage the enthusiasts to focus on other targets than just the highest possible score. In our minds, overclocking is no longer a by-product of the world of gaming; it has become a game on its own.

We have also made it our goal to support the professional overclocking scene in any way possible. The professional overclocking scene allows the best of the overclockers of the world to demonstrate their skill in a healthy yet highly competitive competition. Our goal is set very high as we are determined to let this small part of the overclocking community evolve into a competitive overclocking circuit similar to the F1 racing circuit. We strongly believe it is possible, but it will require more than the effort of HWBOT to complete this goal.


For the business related to hardware performance, such as hardware manufacturers, it is our aim to help the marketers to communicate with the overclocking community in an honest and understandable manner. It is our goal to help marketers to understand what overclocking results mean and what the tech-minded overclocking community likes and more importantly dislikes about marketing claims. We also intend to provide exposure to those companies who promote and improve the overclocking game regardless of direct return of investment. In return, we expect companies who use the overclocking community to help this non-profit organization to maintain a quality portal for all the enthusiasts out there.
We need the overclocking community to provide information as much as the overclocking community needs us to have a central portal to gather accomplishments, share information and motivation to overclock. Hardware vendors need the overclocking community to provide a financial reward for the hard R&D work as much as the community needs the vendors to provide products that make the life of an overclocker easier. The hardware vendor needs us to support and motivate the overclocking community to continue their passion for the various technical masterpieces as much as we need the hardware vendors to help us improve this website and all its features as well as improving the overclocking game.
In the end, we are all into this together.