HWBOT Unigine Heaven V1.0.3 launched (and ready for points)

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HWBOT Unigine Heaven V1.0.3 launched (and ready for points)

It definitely took a while to fully secure our first in-house benchmark application, but now the HWBOT Unigine Heaven benchmark has reached its final version. The main difference with the previous version is the removal of the down-clocking bug. For those who don’t know, or can’t remember, here’s a short explanation of the down-clocking bug:

Although some people would regard down-clocking the BCLK in the OS as a genuine benchmark tweak, it’s definitely not. The main issue is that down-clocking is not really speeding up the benchmark; it’s just making it run for a longer period, which effectively means changing the benchmark.

The Unigine score is a derivative of the average FPS. The FPS, in this case, is equal to the amount of rendered frames during the benchmarking period divided by a predefined 260 seconds, which is the standard benchmark length. Adjusting the BCLK frequency in OS makes the benchmark run for a longer or shorter period, depending on whether you clock up or down. For example, if you down-clock the BCLK by 10%, the benchmarking period will extend by 10%; in this case 260 x 1.1 = 286s.

The problem lies in the fact that Unigine did not take into account that the benchmark length may vary. So, regardless of how long the benchmark took, the total amount of rendered frames will always be divided by 260. The longer the benchmarking period, the more frames you can render … so down-clocking increases the score.

HWBOT Unigine Heaven V1.0.3 can be considered as the final version. If no major bugs or flaws can be found in the next 7 days, we will enable points for the Xtreme Preset (DX11). Note that we have also disabled support for older versions of the application.


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