HWBOT Releases First In-house Benchmark: HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark

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HWBOT Releases First In-house Benchmark: HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark

HWBOT launches first DirectX11 based online comparison benchmark

Rijmenam, Belgium – August 20th, 2010 – HWBOT (http://hwbot.org), industry leading provider of online overclocking competitions and overclocking-related information, is proud to announce the public release of its first in-house benchmark application: HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark. This benchmark application features the first DirectX11-based benchmark comparison tool; allowing overclockers, gamers, media and OEMs from all around the world to measure and compare the DirectX11 rendering performance.

The HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark application consists of the Unigine Heaven benchmark and a wrapper software tool developed by HWBOT. The benchmark comes in two shapes: a DirectX9 (Basic) preset, allowing people to test and compare low-end and mainstream setups, and a high-end DirectX11 (Xtreme) preset to test and compare the latest graphics cards. Next to the two presets, the wrapper software allows users to submit scores directly to the HWBOT database or, in case the test system has no internet connection, the possibility to save your result.

The benchmark comes in three different shapes: light, typical and full.

– Light: HWBOT tool
– Typical: HWBOT tool + CPU-Z + GPU-Z + Unigine Heaven
– Full: HWBOT tool + CPU-Z + GPU-Z + Unigine Heaven + DirectX

Download: light, typical and full.

Pricing: This benchmark application is free for use.

More information

For more information on the Unigine Heaven engine, please visit: http://unigine.com/

For more information or to discuss the benchmark, please visit our HWBOT forum: http://hwbot.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=67

This project would not have been possible without the support of the Unigine team. In addition, we would like to thank our partners ADATA, MSI and GIGABYTE for supporting this website and helping us to continue the development. Also, our thanks go out to the people who have been working on this project, including Robrecht Plaisier (client coding), Frederik Colardyn (server coding), Pieter-Jan Plaisier (project supervisor), James Trevaskis (beta testing and feedback) and many more.

Last but not least, we want to thank the overclocking community for the support and trust. Thanks to you, we can make projects like this happen … thank you!


Hwbot.org, main office located in Belgium, is a dynamic team of international hardware fanatics as well as internationally recognized overclockers, dedicated to gathering specifications and benchmark performance results of computer hardware as well as serving a non-stop overclocking competition platform for amateur and die-hard overclockers. You can use HWBOT to compare processor or graphics card specifications, to compare the performance of different products using the HWBOT Hardware comparator which gives people are more balanced view on the overclocking capabilities as well as the performance of hardware in comparison to one-man based reviews.

HWBOT also features the world’s only non-stop overclocking competition platform known as the HWBOINT rankings. 25,000 overclockers from all over the world compete in more than ten of the most popular benchmarks in thousands of hardware categories, resulting in over 450,000 benchmark results, a figure that is increasing by over 300 every day. The benchmark results generate points awarded to both the member’s profile, the team’s profile and the country of origin and based on those points members are ranking in the Overclockers League, Hardware Masters League, Teams League and many more sub-rankings.

For more information, please visit http://hwbot.org. For questions related to HWBOT’s activities, contact pieterjanplaisier@hwbot.org

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