Christian Ney says:

Reserved for tweaks and tips

Greece TASOS says:

Free bump , to avoid reports and extra moderating workload



Old and new members , looks like they dont follow the new rule regarding the screenshot.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Feel free to link us...

Canada Johan45 says:

I'm just curious how this rule applies (not covering the image) when the CB windows is nearly the size of the screen on lower res monitors?

This is why I ask






I never freeze with a HD monitor, just too bulky and needs more space. Looks like a real can of worms to me for no real reason.

Looks like I picked the wrong CB thread but it still applies to 11.5

websmile says:

If your monitor cannot provide the needed information including the full rendered scene you cannot bench cinebench for ranking. If you see the fact that this rule was introduced because big and massive cheats were discovered and full rendered scene is only reliable way to detect and prevent this as a can of worms for no reason, I slightly disagree, because it was this or ban cinebench completely from hwbot

Canada Johan45 says:

OK Guess I missed the e-mail informing me as captain that there was foul play afoot and rules were being changed/enforced. I understand that you have your hands full addressing these better than should be submissions. Since I had a sub blocked I have taken some time and "caught up" on this BIG news. I just ask that in this period of "adjustment" you might show some leniency and not just remove all subs when it's obvious that members weren't trying to hide anything they were just doing what they have always done. Maybe I was a bit lax in my duties as a captain but I honestly had no idea of the issue you as moderators were seeing and will do my best to inform my team mates that going forward this is how it is. I have been busy myself with the AMD launch or I would have made sure my submissions from the weekend were in order. Guess I'll have to buy a monitor if I want to continue to submit any Cinebench scores.

I apologize for the down play, I didn't realize it was such a big issue until today to be honest and meant no disrespect. I was just a bit pissed when I saw all my team mates subs being reported.

websmile says:

This is no problem, you had a legit question, I wish we could handle this like in the "old days", but reality left us no choice. Cinebench is a good and popular multicore benchmark, so we did best we could do to keep it alive. In the end it is always the "normal user" that pays the bill for some people breaking the rules. Sorry for your inconvenience, it was the only option we had to keep cb alive :)

Canada Johan45 says:

I did read that some wanted to just remove it all together but I agree it is a popular benchmark and honestly I'd hate to see it go. Thanks for taking the time to explain WS

Belgium leeghoofd says:

New 2020 scores: Require CPU-Z 1.91 or newer version New 2020 scores: Full desktop screenshot required ( no clipping)

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