About HWBOT ranks/points and Virtu MVP (update! banned until further notice)

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About HWBOT ranks/points and Virtu MVP (update! banned until further notice)

As you can see from the Virtu MVP discussion topic on our forums, the discussion regarding Virtu MVP’s legitimacy in competitive benchmarking is still going on. Although we’ve reached a point where we know in what situations Virtu MVP should and should not be considered legit, we do not have concrete information on how Virtu MVP works exactly. This piece of information is vital in this discussion.

For the time being, HWBOT will not award points or ranks to benchmark results obtained with the aid of Virtu MVP. In our current development sprint, we’ve added a feature that would allow users to indicate if they used Virtu MVP to obtain the score. In case Virtu MVP was used, the result will automatically be set to ‘no points, no ranks’. Until this feature is installed on the production server, we would ask you to use the ‘I do NOT want points for this submission’-checkbox.

Please note that no final decision about Virtu MVP has been taken yet. It’s possible that Virtu MVP will be allowed in the normal rankings, or that it will get its own ranking or even that it will be completely disallowed. We hope to have all the pieces of the puzzle shortly so we can have a final conclusion on the legitimacy of this new technology.

important update!

As you already know, we have scheduled a Virtu-checkbox option for development. This checkbox would allow users to submit Virtu-enabled benchmark results without affecting the points/ranks of other submissions. The function is similar to the existing ‘disable points’-feature, hence why we suggested to use that option until the Virtu-checkbox is in production. We noticed that the ‘disable points’-checkbox feature does in fact affect points/ranks/cups of the ranking the result is submitted to.

Since we do not want to have Virtu MVP-based scores to affect any of the regular submissions, our policy regarding Virtu MVP has changed. Until further notice (read: when the Virtu checkbox is available), HWBOT does not allow any submission with Virtu MVP enabled. In case you find a submission with Virtu MVP enabled, please let our staff know. Thanks for your understanding!

PS: as we also announced in the forum topic, we will be able to auto-detect the usage of Lucid Virtu MVP in Heaven and Aquamark3.

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