Sneak peek at Member Hall of Fame 2.0

Sneak peek at Member Hall of Fame 2.0

While our local code guru is working hard to get the latest HWBot revision out, I was able to look over his shoulder and take a snapshot of the member Hall of Fame based on last week’s benchmark data, calculated with the new HWBoints rev2 algorithm. This new algorithm addresses hardware grinding (collection millions of 2 point results) as well as awarding more points for high global ranking.

full shot HOF

While this ranking is not final, it should give you an idea of the impact of the new HWboints. In my case, I go from a massive (;)) 62.1 boints/223rd place to 198.9 boints/110th place in 2.0. Top scores get more points, popular hardware scores very good, scoring anywhere in the TOP 20-30 of Global Ranking also earns you a very nice bonus.

While no fix date is set yet for the new launch, a little birdie told me it won’t be long, so keep the site bookmarked ;)

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