hwbot desktop backgrounds

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hwbot desktop backgrounds

basic 1280x800A few clean and crisp desktop backgrounds using the hwbot logo. If interested, more can be made.

If your resolution is not in the list, choose one with the same ratio and stretch, or center the hwbot logo and use a white background.

hwbot logo (use white background and center):
hwbot official logo (8kb)

16:10 ratio (most widescreen TFT’s):
1280×800 (14kb)
1680×1050 (19kb)

16:9 ratio (HDTV):
1280×720 (14kb)
1920×1080 (24kb)

5:4 ratio (classic monitors)
1280×1024 (16kb)
1280×1024 black (16kb)

3:2 (some laptops, eg. macbooks)
1440×960 (17kb)

4:3 (some laptops, eg. thinkpads)
1400×1050 (18kb)

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