Romania Winner of First HWBOT Country Cup

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Romania Winner of First HWBOT Country Cup

robot1.pngSeven weeks have passed, seven stages have been finished, One winner is allowed to stand up and receive a warm-hearted applause from its peer overclockers: Romania. As you have noticed over the last couple of weeks, Romania has been consistently pushing top scores throughout the entire competition and is now crowned the first winner of the HWBOT Country Cup. Russia was capable of following the strong lead of Romania for a very long time, but had to let the go in the last stages. Poland finished third after an impressive benching spree trying to overcome the non-participating first stages.

1. Winners

As Romania won this competition, the three most contributing members can choose their prize first. The two most contributing Russian overclockers can choose after that and the best Polish overclocker wins the last of the 6 customized KingpinCooling LN2 containers. The winners are:

All winners will be contacted by HWBOT shortly.

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2. HWBot Country Cup Gallery

We’ve gathered a selection 25 pictures from those attached to the results submitted to the competition. Some are to display the team effort, some display innovative cooling and others display rather odd overclocking configurations. Have a look!

17.jpg 23.jpg 33.jpg 43.jpg

54.jpg 63.jpg 73.jpg 82.jpg

92.jpg 101.jpg 111.jpg 121.jpg

131.jpg 161.jpg 171.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg

20.jpg 211.jpg 231.jpg 221.jpg

151.jpg 141.jpg 24.jpg 25.jpg