PXHX Wins 2016 World Series in Latin America, Qualifies for HWBOT 2016 World Championship

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PXHX Wins 2016 World Series in Latin America, Qualifies for HWBOT 2016 World Championship

Author: Sdougal

The HWBOT World Series is the competitive OC wing of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 with each stop of the tour having both Extreme and Amateur World Series overclocking contests. This year’s World Tour involves seven countries with each Extreme series winner being invited to the World Championship Finals in Berlin, Germany at the end of the year. Latin America was the first World Tour stop with the HWBOT crew landing in Brazil in time for the Campus Party in Sao Paulo. At the end of several days of competitive latin style overclocking, the winner of the Extreme World Series contest was pxhx. Let’s have look at the contest in a little more detail.

World Series 2016 Latin America: Extreme

The Extreme World Series contest kicked off with an initial qualifying round were all six competing overclockers were given three hours to submit their best score in each of these three stages:

  • SuperPi 32M at 5Ghz Max
  • GPU Pi for CPU 1B at 5 GHz Max
  • Maximum Memory clock

Overclockers were allowed to use any hardware they wanted for the qualifier with the exception of Skylake/Z170 platforms. After three hours of frantic LN2 fueled competition, the leaderboard looked like this:

As you can see Acschenck pulled out a winning display taking top spot in both Stages 1 and 2. He pushed a Core i7 4790K to 4,998MHz (+24.97%) in Stage 1 for a SuperPi 32M run in 6 mins 359 ms while in Stage 2 he eked just a tad more performance from his Devil’s Canyon chip to hit 5GHz (+25%) a GPGPU 1B run in 5 min 28 sec. Second place in the qualification round came to our eventual champion pxhx who stole the show in Stage 3 with a i7 4770K clocked at a tidy 5,122MHz (+46.34%) and more importantly a DDR3 clock of 1938.4MHz.

World Series 2016 Latin America Final

The structure of the World Series Finals was designed to be as demanding as possible, giving overclockers an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and preparation skills while also dealing the stress imposed by the narrow 30 minute time limit. The top four overclockers from the qualification round entered the Semi-finals which involved 1 vs 1 face-offs, each lasting 30 minutes. Note that benchmarks were drawn at random before the start of each round with six benchmarks in the hat; 3DMark 11 Physics, XTU, Max Memory Frequency, wPrime 32M, GPU Pi for CPU 100M, Cinebench R11.5. Also note that each overclocker had the opportunity to also ‘veto’ a specific benchmark.

Semi-Final #1 involved a head-to-head involving acshenk and joe90br on Wprime 32M. At the end of the tight 30 mins round acshenk had managed to book himself a spot in the Final with a score of 4.351, edging out joe90br on 4.398. You can watch the Semi-Final #1 here with full coverage from OverClocking-TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPIjS0wB5dU

Semi-Final #2 saw pxhx take on NoMS in straight up memory clock fight. After 30 mins of competitive play pxhx had squeezed out a frequency of 1663.6MHz beating MoMS on 1569.MHz. Check out the video from OC-TV: https://youtu.be/b_sujfcvLSI

The Final saw acshenk take on pxhx, again using the Wprime 32M benchmark. pxhx became the first overclocker to book his place in the Championship Finals in Berlin by hitting a score of 4.056, while the contest runner-up was acshenk on 4.197. A bronze match was also arranged with Joe90br NoMS scrapping it out, again on Wprime 32M. NoMS took Bronze with a score of 4.258 while Joe90br finished fourth with 4.321.

It’s interesting to note that the Wprime 32M scores kept getting better as the day grew older, with pxhx’s contest winning score actually being the best score of the day, proving that as the contest heats up, so too do the players. Don’t forget that you can watch the Final and the Bronze contest as it played by watching the live stream from OC-TV: https://youtu.be/hDHHt58_-Ew

Thanks to all the overclockers who took part in the Extreme World Series contest in Brazil. A great time was had by all. Thanks too to OverClocking-TV and the guys at HWBOT who quite frankly worked their asses off to make it all happen. And finally, a massive congrats to pxhx for a solid winning display. See you in Berlin!

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Thanks to Trouffman for the aftermovie edit and congratulations to PXHX for the qualification!

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Good job Mr.

I wish you a great experience in the finals...


All the best

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Was an awesome event with an epic battle !

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Great stuff, hope to hang out in Berlin!!

pxhx says:

Thank you all!!!

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