HWBOT World Series 2016: Local Live Qualifiers and World Championship Final

HWBOT World Series 2016: Local Live Qualifiers and World Championship Final

World Series 2016 structure

In the article detailing the general information of this year’s World Tour you could already find a brief introduction to the World Series competition structure. The World Series is a live overclocking competition series hosted exclusively for the participants of the World Tour events. Based on the feedback from last year’s tournament from the overclockers participating we improved the competition structure. In this article we explain the general rules of the World Series competitions.

Local Qualifiers and Local Final

The first major change with last year’s tournament is the switch to a more competitive structure. At each World Tour stop, overclockers who join the event can enter the local live qualifier. The qualifier features three stages, each with hardware and benchmark limitations that reflect the overclocker’s skill. Typically we will restrict the processor frequency to 5 GHz in order to take binning out of the equation. The qualifier will take up 4 hours of the World Series competition day. At the end of the qualifier session, the four top ranked enter the Local Final.

The Final is structured as a 1-vs-1 elimination tournament. Each round features one benchmark and lasts for 30 minutes. The benchmark for each match depends on a random draw of a select set of benchmarks which we will announce before the finals kick off. Each participant has 30 minutes of preparation time before the start of the match. During the preparation time, you are allowed to set up your system but not allowed to cool down or overclock.

The hardware for the qualification is open choice and participants are required to bring their own. In the final, hardware will be provided by the event partners. In case there is no partner for a specific product category, you can use your own hardware. The hardware brand for the final is restricted to the event partner.

World Series 2016 structure


The main prize at each World Series event is a flight and accommodation to the World Championship Finals at the end of the year in Berlin, Germany. For specific events, we work together with partners to provide additional prizes to the World Series participants as well as for the people who join the amateur workshop. The specific event prizes will be announced on a per event basis in the coming weeks and months.

World Championship 2016

For the first time ever, we are hosting a World Championship at the end of the year bringing together the winners from all live local qualifiers. In cooperation with Caseking, the regional champions will face each other in a final competition to be crowned World Champion. As some may have noticed, there are only 6 regional champions for a total of 8 seats in the championship final. More details on the last two seats will be revealed later this year.

The specific event structure including schedule, hardware and benchmark limitations, prizes and requirements may vary slightly per event. Make sure to follow the World Tour news to have the latest information on the event nearby so you can start the competition well-prepared. For more information on the World Tour 2016, check out the World Tour 2016 General Information section at HWBOT. See you soon!

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