The Year 2015 in Review - HWBOT Standing on Its Own Legs

The Year 2015 in Review – HWBOT Standing on Its Own Legs


We’re nearing the end of the year very quickly now, so it’s time to look back and review the year. A lot has happened at HWBOT this year, both from a community and an organizational point of view. For those who don’t know yet, 2015 is the first year that HWBOT is operating as a standalone organization. In the past we were part of Colardyn IT which is the IT company of our founder Frederik. If you’re interested in getting to know Frederik, check out his Overclocking in Focus interview. In November 2014 we moved HWBOT’s assets to Taiwan in order to create room for growth. We can now take more risk in enterprise than we could as part of Colardyn IT.

As part of the risk-taking endeavours, 2015 also marks the year of the very first HWBOT World Tour events. in 2014 we hosted the HWBOT Anniversary Gathering following Computex. But that was a standalone gathering. This year we organized three events in Canada, France and of course Taiwan. The aim with the World Tour events is threefold. First of all we want to connect with the enthusiasts worldwide who may not yet be familiar with overclocking and the community. In countries like Indonesia and France, the growth of active overclockers is phenomenal and we want to support this growth around the world. Secondly, we want to bring back an extreme overclocking tournament that allows people to show off their overclocking abilities in a live environment rather than in an online setting. Social gatherings made overclocking grow spectacularly from 2006 to 2010 and we believe the social wire-frame is essential for the overclocking community. Lastly, we want to link overclocking to technical education. Plenty of scientific research shows that the general youth of today is less savvy than ten years ago. In the PC industry, undoubtedly the overclockers are in the best position to help people who are unfamiliar with PC technology to understand the difference between system memory, a processor and graphics card, as well as the relationship between voltage, temperature and operating frequency.

Next year the World Tour 2016 will be one of our main focus points as we expand the Tour to seven locations. In addition to the increasing amount of events, for the first time ever we are organizing a World Championship as the best overclocker from each World Tour event is invited to our end-of-the-year party in Berlin. But there’s more coming! Since September we have also hired additional development staff which will help us improve the website in the next 365 days. Christian Ney has started the Community Competition Task Force which will help us run the overclocking competitions more smoothly with the help of awesome volunteers. Together with HyperX we will give professional overclockers a new platform to become even better influencers and spread their love for overclocking. With the launch of HWBOT X we hope to provide a platform for the organizers of overclocking events to find an audience among their local communities to meet up. OC-ESPORTS gets a new front-page soon and we look forward to find out who will come out on top in the Official World Overclocking Ranking Season 2016. We will expand the Embed functionality to give Team Captains more tools to support their communities.

From the looks of it, 2016 will be another spectacular year for overclocking and we hope you join us. Now, enough about 2016. Let’s have a look at what 2015 was all about!

In 2015, the overclocking community continued to grow nicely. This year you were with 25,000 active overclockers submitting and comparing overclocking results which is a 61% increase over 2014. You surpassed the mark of 350,000 submissions, increasing by 45% compared to 2014. From our Google Analytics we also see a healthy increase in unique visitors. Slightly over 1.25 million people visited HWBOT this year, checking out all the phenomenal overclocking results. In terms of hardware, the amount of unique processor types increase 2% to 1897 and the amount of unique videocard types increased 9% to 1092. In response to a question posted in the XOC Focus Group sub-forum, we clarified how we spend the available budget. This year, 47% of the available budget was spent on supporting overclocking and the community via development, server, prizes and events. 17% of the total year budget was used to organize the World Tour 2015. In the sections below you can find more detailed information about the 2015 overclocking year.

Top 10 Most Watched Benchmark Results

The Stilt CPU Frequency World Record

As we see every year, the most viewed result is always the CPU Frequency record. In fact, typically it is viewed twice as much as the second in this list and it is no different this year. In second place we find Dhenzhen’s very first non-K Skylake overclocking result which was shared around the web the moment word got out the Core i3s are overclockable. In a bit over a month, the result gathered more attention than any other result submitted this year (and there were a lot!). It is nice to see a wide variety of hardware configurations getting attention from the viewing audience. There are the World Records by 8 Pack and Preacherman with compute-heavy machines, the former focussing on GPU the latter on CPU.

Compared to three years ago, there are remarkably fewer 3D overclocking results in the top 10. Back in 2012 half of the most viewed results were 3DMark11 Performance results, whereas this year only the inevitable K|ngp|n makes it in with a single Unigine Heaven result. Is it a sign of a decreased interest in competitive 3DMark overclocking? What do you think?

Top 10 Most Watched Overclocker


The most viewed profile at HWBOT is Ksateaaa23 from India. If you want to learn more about the relatively new overclocker, check out the interview we published at OC-ESPORTS. It’s not necessary to be at the top of the League to be followed by many. In fact, only three of the top ten most watched overclockers are from the top-10 of the Overclockers League: Dancop, Xtreme Addict and 8 Pack. In particular 8 Pack is very popular; he features in the most viewed Overclocker in Focus interview as well.

Top 5 Most Watched Team


The overclocking teams are the social fabric of the overclocking team. It is an important factor in the lives of many overclockers and often is the reason why people decide to stick around the overclocking community. The largest teams are not always the most active or the most followed teams at HWBOT. As you can see below, only two of the top-5 teams make it in the list this year; XtremeOverdrive OC Team Italy and They are respectively fifth and fourth in the Teams League, the latter doing very well at OC-ESPORTS too. In fact, Classicplatforms had a fantastic 2015 winning the Team Cup as well as the Old School is Best School competitions. The odd one out on the list is Cowcotland. They are ranked only 45th in the Teams League but do incredibly well in the OC-ESPORTS competitions, finishing close the top spot this year.

Top 5 Most Watched Competition


Our in-house organized overclocking competitions typically do well in the year overview. Both the Team Cup and Country Cup feature a wide range of hardware and benchmarks, allowing requiring overclockers to work together as a team to capture the win. The only live overclocking competition making it in the Top-5 this year is the HyperX OC Takeover 2015 Grand Final hosted in January at CES. The ASUS ROG OC Showdown Formula competitions are quite popular among overclockers as we see rounds 1 and 2 in fourth and fifth place.

Top 5 Most Watched Competition Series


One of the key features of the competitive overclocking platform is the competition schedule. The schedule allows competition organizers to map out their activities over the year, giving overclockers more lead time to prepare their hardware and benching sessions. The most watched overclocking competition series this year is the GIGABYTE Online competitions. The 14 competitions typically attract a wide range of overclockers going from dual-core ambient to octo-core extreme. Second in the list is the initiation tournament for new members, the Rookie Rumble. This year featured 13 competitions for general Rookies and an additional 13 for AMD overclockers. The sponsored competitions are generally appreciated by the overclocking community with the ROG OC Showdown Formula, the HyperX OC Takeover and MSI Online competitions completing the top-5.

Top 5 Most Watched Hardware Item


With over 71,000 benchmark submissions using the Core i7 4790K, the processor is one of the most popular hardware items ever at HWBOT. It comes to no surprise that it is one of the most viewed hardware items this year. The Core i7 6700K is doing remarkably well, entering the list in fourth place. Note that the Core i7 6700K released only last August. The top-5 consists mostly of Intel processors and except for the Pentium G3258 features the top of the line models for each product segment. It’s great to see the Pentium G3258 in the list and not a Core i5 -K processor, hinting once more that the enthusiast audience is eager to get their hands on an affordable and overclockable processor. The only graphics card in the list is the GeForce GTX 980, the most popular graphics card this year at HWBOT.

Top 5 Most Watched Global Ranking

The Stilt CPU Frequency World Record

It is a general trend that 3DMark was less popular this year. We notice this from the volume of submissions as well as the lack of its presence in the most viewed benchmark result section. It appears that the Fire Strike benchmark leaderboards for single GPU graphics cards are still followed quite a bit as they rank third and fourth most watched global ranking. In first place we find the inevitable CPU Frequency ranking, followed by the most active global ranking at HWBOT. The XTU 4xCPU ranking has over 5,600 overclockers ranked. Closing this list is Unigine Heaven Xtreme, where K|ngp|n is listed for the third time as leader of the top-5 most watched global rankings.

Top 5 Most Watched Hardware Ranking


With almost 60,000 hardware rankings in the HWBOT database, there is plenty of room for any enthusiast to participate. It’s interesting to see that the most active benchmark (XTU) only appears in the list once with the Core i7 6700K processor. Alongside the XTU, we also find three frequency-based rankings. The DDR4 Memory Clock ranking has been fairly active since the launch of Skylake as we near DDR4-5000 validation. Both the Core i7 4790K and Core i7 6700K CPU Frequency are also among the most viewed hardware rankings. That is no surprise, considering every year the most viewed submission is also the CPU Frequency World Record. A little bit of a surprise is the fifth place of the GeForce GTX 970 with 3DMark Fire Strike. The graphics card was certainly a great bang for the buck but was not the most used GeForce 900 graphics card at HWBOT.

Top 5 Most Read Newsflash or Article


In the most popular news articles section we find one item published this year: the first article detailing the unlocked Core i3 Skylake of Dhenzjhen. It shows that there is a strong interest in affordable overclocking hardware, considering that the unlocked Core i5 and Core i7 K SKU processors launched in August and haven’t stopped making headlines breaking benchmark record after record. Take note Intel! Another interesting item on the list is Der8auer’s Haswell-E uncore modification which allowed high uncore frequency on all motherboards, not just the ones with ASUS’ special OC socket. In general, the articles which contain information to help people get better overclocking results or a better understanding of the technical aspects of overclocking do very well.

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