Overclocker in Focus: Frederik Colardyn "Richba5tard" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: Frederik Colardyn “Richba5tard” Interview

Author: Sdougal

If any one single individual has left his indelible mark on the OC scene, it would have to be Frederik “Richba5tard” Colardyn, the founder of HWBOT itself. Frederick was in town for Computex 2015 earlier this year, where we finally managed to get him to sit down and spill the beans on his origins as an overclocker and his role in the creation of HWBOT.

The Interview Transcript

Richba5tard: Hi I’m Frederik. My handle is Richba5tard. I’m from Belgium and I’m the founder of HWBOT.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

Richba5tard: My education is Computer Programming. I did it from 2000 to 2004, one year longer than I was supposed to do, but it turned out ok.

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

Richba5tard: The thing that got me into overclocking was when my computer broke, and I got a free, what was its name… one of the very first GeForce cards, and I overclocked it with a Peltier element, with some very Do-It-Yourself water cooling, I was able to push it to almost twice the speed that it was supposed to run. And it was just fast enough to run, I think, World of Warcraft or something. No not World of Warcraft… er… the Warcraft 3 game. That was a great moment for me because without overclocking I was not able to run the game, and with overclocking it just, just ran it.

HWBOT: Why did you start HWBOT?

Richba5tard: Well, when I started overclocking the forums were very popular and people shared their scores to boast that their PC was running much faster than they are supposed to. But I found it a real pity that you could not compare your scores against people from other forums. So I started writing a bot that gathered all the scores from all the overclocking forums and posted global rankings so on your own forum you could see, ok my score is good in my local forum, but there are other forums which have even faster scores – so you get to compare it globally.

HWBOT: How do you see the overclocking scene today?

Richba5tard: If I compare overclocking of today with overclocking of the ‘good old days’, it used to be more about getting more performance from your PC for less money, and now it’s a little more to get prestige and a bit more sponsorship-related. Ok, it is the side effect of being a more professional sport, but I hope the days that it was a hobby for a lot, a lot of people will come back a little bit.

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

Richba5tard: Looking forward I hope that Intel and AMD will introduce a lot of low-end processors which allow full overclocking capabilities and are comparable when overclocked with the performance of a high-end processor. So it again has an economical reason to overclock, and not just for show.

HWBOT: What about Overclocking as an eSport?

Richba5tard: We are definitely trying to make Overclocking as an eSport happen with the new OC-ESPORTS site. I think it’s the next step in professional Overclocking, and getting all the manufacturers involved on one single platform, to have all the official competitions so everyone can compare globally and compete globally against each other.

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

Richba5tard: For new overclockers my advice would be to get a cheap, overclockable processor and video card and just have a lot of fun to see how much you can push it from the factory defaults. See how far you can go and compare against other people from your country or from everyone globally, to see how far you can push yourself and your system.

HWBOT: What do you think of Taiwan?

Richba5tard: It’s my first time in Taipei and I love it here. The enthusiasm for computer hardware is nowhere bigger than here. I love it that you have entire streets full of computer hardware with the latest and greatest gadgets, motherboards and video cards. The people here are really hardware enthusiasts.

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