BelgiumMassman says:

I guess this is the information you were waiting for :)

PolandXtreme Addict says:

I am impressed with both World Series competition and ROG OC Showdown, looks really good! :)

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Germanyder8auer says:

What are the restrictions of the ROG OC Showdown? Limited to ASUS, HyperX and Seasonic?

BelgiumMassman says:


BelgiumMassman says:



At the World Tour event, the ROG OC Showdown Area is a separate part of the venue, featuring its own branding and of course hooked up to our livestream system. The goal is to broadcast the World Record, Global First Place, and Hardware First Place results as they come in. For this purpose, we have four seats available during the ROG OC Showdown Area for participants to attempt to set the best results. Since there are more than four people attending the event, you need to reserve a time slot for your attempt. The available time slots are:

  • June 6, 10AM - 2PM: 4 seats
  • June 6, 2PM - 6PM: 4 seats
  • June 6, 6PM - 10PM: 4 seats
  • June 6, 10PM - June 7, 2AM: 4 seats
  • June 7, 2AM - 6AM: 4 seats
  • June 7, 6AM - 10AM: 4 seats
  • June 7, 10AM - 2PM: 4 seats
  • June 7, 2PM - 6PM: 4 seats


To reserve a time slot, please send an email to Please include your nickname, which time slots you would prefer, and when you arrive and leave the event. In case there are slots not taken, we will allow multiple time slots per person. Hint: it's quite likely that the top-bin hardware will be supplied at the ROG OC Showdown Area *wink*.

Belgiumleeghoofd says:

Looking forward to seeing the big boys clash!

BelgiumMassman says:

Updated with some information on the available hardware for loan!


Hardware for loan


The participants who already purchased their ticket should have received an email asking what hardware they want to reserve for the event. For those who don***8217;t know yet, the partners of the event have a selection of hardware reserved for the participants of the event. You can simple contact to reserve the hardware you want to use for the ROG OC Showdown Area, the World Series, or you general benching session. See the list below for more information on what hardware is still available. Note that we have added a couple of Intel X99 CPUs to the list.

  • 20+ Core i7 5960X
  • 5x ASUS Rampage V Extreme Motherboard
  • 8x HyperX 128GB SSD
  • 3x HyperX DDR4-3300 4x4GB
  • 10x Seasonic P1200W PSU

BelgiumMassman says:

Update on hardware still available

  • 9x CPU
  • 0x GPU
  • 0x Memory kits
  • 1x Motherboard
  • 6x PSU
  • 7x SSD

Belgiumleeghoofd says:

you mean 0 CPU or are there also hardcore GPUs foreseen ?

BelgiumMassman says:

More information on the World Series competition:


Competition Details


The World Series competition starts on June 6 10AM GMT+8 and finishes on June 7 at 6PM GMT+8. All stages are open during the entire period of the competition, with the exception of the target score stage which is only open on June 7 between 12PM and 2PM. The stages are:

  • SuperPI 1M Hardware Points: the points you earn equal the hardware points of your submission
  • Cinebench R15 Full Out: the winner receives 50 points for this stage
  • Target score: the fastest and closest to the target wins 50 points

For the target score, we will select a benchmark and target from the list below:

  • 3DMark 11 Performance -> 12,000 15,000
  • 3DMark Fire Strike -> 7,000 - 11,000
  • 3DMark Sky Diver -> 25,000 - 30,000
  • 3DMark Vantage -> 45,000 - 55,000
  • Unigine Heaven Extreme -> 3,400 - 3,600
  • Catzilla 1440p -> 5,000 - 7,000

For the World Series competition, the hardware is limited to our partners. So you need to use an ASUS motherboard, an Intel CPU, HyperX memory, and a Seasonic Power Supply to be eligible for the competition. Some hardware will be provided by the partners, but make sure to check if you have the right gear with you to compete. Note that there is no limitation to the platform. That means you can use anything ranging from Pentium II to the latest greatest Haswell-E processors. Also, you are free to swap components from one stage to the other.


The final competition page and livestream information will be provided closer to the event.

Denmarkzzolio says:

Looks like I have to find my I7 920 for 1M


Sad to see so many limitations on the hw for World Series

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