GPUPI 2.0 Launched in Cooperation With HWBOT (Full Integration + Points)

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GPUPI 2.0 Launched in Cooperation With HWBOT (Full Integration + Points)

HWBOT is today officially announcing the launch of GPUPI 2.0 from, a new and updated benchmark app that calculates the number Pi using multiple OpenCL and CUDA graphics cards and multiple CPUs. GPUPI 2.0 will debut on the forthcoming Rookie Rumble at and is launched with an improved user interface that includes hardware detection and automatic result submission to

“I am glad how things worked out with GPUPI in the last few months, having overcome many technical hurdles since I started development back in 2008. I am more than proud that it’s officially added as the first CUDA/OpenCL benchmark to HWBOT.” commented Matthias “mat” Zronek, GPUPI 2.0 developer.

GPUPI 2.0: The Multi-GPU Pi Benchmark

Coded by Matthias “mat” Zronek from, GPUPI 2.0 calculates the mathematical constant of Pi in parallel by using the BBP formula. GPUPI is optimized for OpenCL and CUDA capable graphics processors and is implemented with C++, STL and pure Win 32. GPUPI 2.0 supports the recently released CUDA 7.0 optimized to get optimized performance from NVIDIA cards.

GPUPI is the first General Purpose GPU benchmark officially listed on HWBOT and also the first that can simultaneously use different video cards. Only the same driver is required. This is a real game changer for overclockers and means that it is possible to bench several cards of different generation, model and architecture as long as they share the same driver.

Check out the screenshot below where Matthias is running GPUPI 2.0 using 3x GTX 980 plus one GTX 780Ti card:

Submission on HWBOT:

Unfortunately AMD and NVIDIA cards cannot yet be used in tandem due to the different nature of the technologies involved and the absence of a mutually acceptable driver. But fear not, mat is currently working on the next version that removes this limitation at least for graphics cards.

GPUPI 2.0: Changelog

  • Multi-GPU and Multi-CPU support
  • New platform and device selection with tree view
  • HWBOT integration with automatic result submission including hardware detection (Graphics Card, CPU, OS) and screenshot upload
  • Improved detection of AMD graphics cards (HD 7xxx und Rx xxx only)
  • Encrypted kernel code using AES/CBC
  • Support for CUDA 7.0
  • Improvements for error logging (GPUPI.log in the working directory)
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2013 Community (Update 4) and AMD OpenCL 2.0 headers
  • New about dialog including benchmark and support information

The new benchmark will make its competitive debut in the forthcoming Rookie Rumble, the perfect opportunity for hungry young overclockers gain kudos by helping to test debug the new benchmark.

To download GPUPI 2.0, click here:

To learn more, including technical and developmental details:

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