HWBOT World Tour 2015: Our Biggest Project Ever Takes Off

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HWBOT World Tour 2015: Our Biggest Project Ever Takes Off

Looking back at the past twelve months, it is hard to argue this has been an incredibly intense year for us. We launched a beta version of the new competitive overclocking platform OC-ESPORTS.IO. We established a permanent base in Taipei, Taiwan. We have significantly improved the communication tools for the staff, allowing more input from and responsibilities for the first-in-line members of the community. We are in the process of professionalizing the organization’s structures to streamline and optimize our resources.

We helped our major partners organize some of the most prestigious and disruptive overclocking competitions ever. At Computex 2014 we helped Intel host the highest dollar-value overclocking competition (USD $25,000, Intel OC Challenge) and G.SKILL gave away the single largest cash prize (USD $10,000, G.SKILL OC World Cup) ever in the history of overclocking. Last month we helped MSI set forward the MOA tradition (with USD $70,833 the most prestigious series) and later this week we are flying to Russia for ASUS’s third edition of the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup. At very beginning of next year, we fly out to Las Vegas for the final conclusion of HyperX’s OC Takeover 2014 competition.

It is amazing to cooperate with such an inspiring set of people, pushing overclocking further every year, and the team feels blessed with the ability to enjoy producing, sharing and creating OC content in all directions of the world map. But don’t be fooled, we are not done yet. If you thought 2014 was amazing, then prepare yourself for 2015!

Today we (not-quite-yet-officially) announce the launch of something we hope to inspire and excite you with. Over the past couple of months the team has brainstormed, discussed, budgeted, and coordinated efforts with community volunteers, enthusiasts and partners to bring you a series of worldwide overclocking gatherings.

We present the HWBOT World Tour 2015.

What is the HWBOT World Tour?

The HWBOT World Tour is a series of overclocking gatherings hosted around the world for all types of overclocking enthusiasts. The World Tour focuses on creating global exposure for regional gatherings and ties together local communities with the rest of the world.

When and where?

Following the Computex 2014 OC Anniversary Gathering event from last year, this year we have three confirmed World Tour events. Together with our event partners we hope to welcome you at one (or more) of the events.

  • North America (Montreal, Canada): early March
  • Europe (Poitiers, France): early April
  • Asia (Taipei, Taiwan): early June

The gatherings take place at a variety of locations and come with free access to liquid nitrogen for the three days of overclocking. On each of the locations we will have space for a minimum of twenty-five systems and around forty people. The pricing of the seating will be announced shortly.

But there’s more: HWBOT World Series!

At each of the World Tour locations, we will also hold an overclocking competition with cash and hardware prizes.

The HWBOT World Series is a championship of live overclocking competitions around the globe. Open to all overclockers, the World Series invites everyone who wants to distinguish their overclocking abilities or who wants to organize events to come together and establish the most comprehensive live overclocking circuit the world has ever seen.

You can earn your rank by participating in the World Series at the World Tour events. If you are up for the task, you can also organize an accredited event that contributes to the World Series ranking.

The details for each of the World Series events will be announced along with the World Tour location information.

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See you all at the events!

Belgium Massman dit :


Taiwan AkaNe dit :

Looking forward to it :) Let's OC travel the world

France Taloken dit :

Poitiers, one hour from me :D


Wanna test snails with persillade ? :P

France Strat dit :

Awesome project guys! Count me in for Poitier :)

France Radi dit :

count on me too . it's not far from me !

United States filmbot dit :

How soon before dates are firmed up?

Italy RULE dit :

Count me too for Poitier, from Italy!

TaPaKaH dit :

You can earn your rank by participating in the World Series at the World Tour events.
So all those who live georgraphically distant from the venues automatically get a massive handicap that eventually counts towards hwbot ranks compared to, say, a group of local frenchmen?

Canada micul dit :

Let's see the exact dates

Montreal looks good

France Xyala dit :

@Filmbot date will be firm soon.

France 2ShEp dit :

Count on me too ;)

France Taloken dit :

Coming for news ^^


Poitiers's Event will be during the Gamer's Assembly from 2 to 4 April ?



It would be great to confirm asap the dates please, so we can organise us :D

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