JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) Extend Rookie Rumble Titles!

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JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) Extend Rookie Rumble Titles! – HWBOT Content Site

JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) Extend Rookie Rumble Titles!

For the first time in the history of the Rookie Rumble both Rumble Kings extended their title. Nvidiaforever2, now a Novice, dominated the Rookie Rumble #8 scoring once more the maximum of the points. JunkDogg from Australia, still a Rookie, won the Rookie Rumble AMD #5 scoring 118 out of 150 points. Congratulations!

Rookie Rumble #7: Nvidiaforever2 (France) Wins Again!

As we wrote in the introduction, Nvidiaforever2 from France and representing the team of Klan-OC has once again dominated the Rookie Rumble. In the XTU stage he score a bit lower than last round with 330.25 versus 332 points per core. The top three is completed by Zwitterion93 and Electron Libre who are also from France and score 317 and 316 points respectively.

In the HWBOT Prime stage we see a similar story. Once more Nvidiaforever2 score a bit lower than last time (2267.95 versus 2281.13). Zwitterion93 followed closely with 2258.06 points. The top three is completed by Matsglobetrotter from Sweden/Uganda who also recently moved to the Novice category.

In the Super PI 1M stage, again the same. With 6.5 seconds the leader score slightly lower than last round. The first and second runner-ups of this round are two new names though. Overnightstone from USA scores 6.817 seconds and Spider220075 from Greece scores 6.864. Both runner-ups are still Rookies so maybe we will see them topping the rankings in the next Rumble.

Congratulations to everyone!

Rookie Rumble AMD #4: JunkDogg (Australia) Wins Again!

In the Rookie Rumble for AMD overclockers JungDogg from Australia extended his title. On the Podium he is accompanied with Harrynowl from UK, who recently turned Novice, and Galaor from Argentina.

In the CPU Frequency Pct OC stage JunkDogg managed a 51% overclock, which is 3% lower than in the previous Rumble. But he moved up from 6th to 3rd place with that score. The winner of the stage is Harrynowl with a 55.51% overclocking of his A8-5600K at 5598.7 MHz.

In the HWBOT Prime stage JunkDogg improved his score significantly going from 1367.45 points per core to 1704.55 points per core. He did that by changing from a Sempron 145 at 4.33 GHz to an A4-6300 at 5.03 GHz. Runner-ups are Galaor with 1287.14 points per core and Harrynowl with 1214.58 points per core.
In win in the third stage, Cinebench R11.5, goes to Randyenergy from South Africa scoring 1.25 points per core with a Phenom II X6 1100T BE at 4.33 GHz. He outscores Galaor by 0.05 points and KingHoliday/JunkDogg by 0.12 points.

Congratulations to everyone!

Lucky Draw Winners and the Next Rumbles

The Lucky Draw winners of the past Rookie competitions are Spider220075 from Greece for this submission and Rayraysfunhouse from USA for this submission. The winners will be contacted shortly.

The next Rumbles start next Saturday and the lucky draw prizes are sponsored again by Cooler Master. Good luck everyone! For more information of the Rookie Rumbles, check the links below.

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  • Rookie Rumble #8: link
  • Rookie Rumble AMD #5 : link

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