Genesis of an Extreme Video Project (by OverClocking-TV)

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Genesis of an Extreme Video Project (by OverClocking-TV)

Author: Timothée Pineau

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen a couple of pictures of my latest project passing by. I received numerous questions about this ongoing project and I figured there is no better place to share early bits and pieces than here.

Caption: From taxi to studio

The idea

Last year, in January 2013, we released a short time-lapse video of a Kingpincooling Venom pot freezing up. Quite experimental back then and the main goal was to find out freeze-unfreeze-refreeze timelapse footage would look like in comparison to static pictures of frozen hardware gear.

The whole experiment turned out a lot better than we expected. Check out the video below.

Using last year’s result as a base, we decided to push things further (keep pushing it! right?) and scale up to a complete system. In fact, we did not just use a motherboard, CPU pot and one graphics cars, we went for a full 4-Way system.

The Gear

Let’s be clear. Nothing of what we’ve shot could have been achieved without support from various partners and friends. I was looking for the latest-greatest gear to feature in this video as I wanted it to look awesome and represent what Extreme OC and the ultimate performance is about. So here’s a list of the used hardware:

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force with OC Brace
  • Memory: HyperX Beast
  • Graphics cards: eVGA Kingpin edition 780Ti x4
  • LN2 Pots (CPU and custom engraved GPU) by Der8auer – seriously get your custom engraved pots – they rock!
  • Bench Bed: Cooler Master Test bed v1.0
  • PSU: Cooler Master V1200 (used mainly for decoration – not very visible in the shots.)

Caption: Ready to setup

Since we did not need a working system for the shoot, most parts used are actually dead samples from the local overclocking labs or pulled from RMA stock. Special thanks also to HWBOT for the dewar to transport the precious LN2 to the studio.

The Setup

There was no way we would shoot the video on the side of a worktable with an IKEA desk lamp spotlighting the system like we did for the VenomLapse project. This time around we chose a proper studio with suitable high-end lighting, a massive green screen. In the end we did not use the green screen since the results weren’t very convincing. We collaborated on this project with our friends of and used their studio in Taipei to shoot this video. Thanks!

In addition to the upgraded shooting environment, we also increased the image quality drastically. Last year we filmed in 720P at 17mbt/s and for this project we aimed for the new industry-hyped-standard of 4K. But not just the regular 4K, no, we opted for a high quality camera. For this we need to thank Tobie Openshaw. The resulting footage is quite simply breath-taking. No wonder then that none of the editing equipment we have at the office can play the files without dropping frames. Insane! (SSD partners, hear my prayers please)

The Next Step

First things to do is of course: backup!

At this amount of bitrate, the gigabytes are flying by like they were merely megabytes. By the time we finished shooting – we had to stop partially due to storage limitations – the footage meter was already up to nearly a terabyte of raw files.

For the rest of the story and of course the video you will have to wait a little bit longer. Personally, I will be on a trip to Europe attending both the EOC competition and Gamescom. The server in Taipei, Taiwan will take care of transcoding the raw data to proxy files which, in turn, will be available when I get back for the editing. We don’t have a firm release date yet, but will keep you guys of course updated on the progress.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message below. If not, I wish you a pleasant August. ‘Till the next time!

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