A Portrait of Team MLG, A Team of Middle-Aged Overclocking Rookies

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A Portrait of Team MLG, A Team of Middle-Aged Overclocking Rookies

Author: Timothée Pineau

In last week’s write-up we brought up a couple of arguments why your team should recruit a Rookie. During our journey to find out more about Rookies who already joined an overclocking team, we stumbled on a small but active UK-based team operating under the name Team MLG.

Team MLG is a fairly small overclocking team. The team originates from a gaming community of 111 members based in the UK. Founded by Paul “Huddy” Hudson and a couple of his gamer friends, the community recently started overclocking at HWBOT. We got in touch with the Team Captain Gregster and asked him a couple of questions about the team, HWBOT and overclocking.

Q: Could you briefly introduce your team, yourself and teammates?

I am known as Gregster (Greg) and the team consists of guys from a local forum and includes Whyscotty (Neil), Tonester0011 (Tony), NickolP1974 (Nick), PGI947 (Paul), Stuart.Liddle.58 (Stuart), Today (Mrs Bowers), Admiral Huddy (Paul), Suffolkboy (Glen), Jam0r (James). We have a few other members but they have yet to add any scores and need some encouragement.

Q: How and why did your team join HWBOT?

The team was created from a local forum called Midlifegamers. We are a bunch of (mainly) middle-aged men (and a female) who enjoy gaming and discussing Hardware/software and general day-to-day life. I have always been into overclocking and asked a few of the members if they were interested in starting up a team on HWBOT. Some of the users misunderstood what was what about the hardware needed but after explaining that all hardware is good and so long as you overclock it, you will help the team, they have had a play.

Q: Team MLG is mainly made of new HWBOT user (Rookies). This means many of you joined within the last three months. Can you tell us more about that?

As the team is mainly made up of Rookies, I explained the basic rules of HWBOT and how to go about benching. I did a guide on what was needed and how to submit a score and that spurred a couple of forum members to sign up and get stuck in. As I said previous, I have been into overclocking since the very early days of P3/4 CPUs and it was 8 Pack‘s achievements that got me interested in joining HWBOT a couple of years ago.

Q: How would you describe your strategy as a team in overclocking?

Our strategy is quite a relaxed one but there are 4 of us who spur each other along. I have always said that benching should be fun and done if the user “wants to” and should never feel the need to “have to” bench. As we are in England, temperatures are very hot at present, so tough conditions to bench at a high level.

Q: What it the next step for Team MLG?

As for the next stage of Team MLG, I would like to see a few more members and some new hardware for the existing members. Chillers are an option for a couple of the guys and something I am also very interested in. I feel LN2/Phase is a little out of reach for me personally but I would love to see some of our members having a go at it some day. I need to encourage some of our forum members to bench their hardware and offer support if they are having trouble.

Q: Most of you use air and water cooling. Are you not tempted by the exotic extreme cooling?

I can see a couple of our members making the move to LN2 one day but primarily we are gamers and what we bench with, we also game with. Most of our members know their way around a mobo to get decent CPU/memory clocks and clocking GPUs is straightforward. Hard modding is something I would not be afraid to do and can see me doing this on low-end hardware to get some practice in.

Q: In terms of competitive overclocking, what are the competitions that your team-members enjoy most?

In competitive overclocking, Team MLG are quite ardent GPU clockers and this gets the most attention. All the Futuremark benchers are the most popular, closely followed by things like Heaven/Catzilla. We also bench SuperPI and various other CPU intensive benchers but knowing our team, they all like the GPU bench teats.

Q: Is there anything you would like to see change at HWBOT?

I feel HWBOT have got it spot on with overclocking and I like how easy it is to submit scores. I and other team members have forgotten to take a screenie and have been penalized for this but that is our fault and we learn from it. I would like to see Unigine Valley added, as that is a good bench run and a couple of the other bench tests from Futuremark added (to score team/personal points would be cool).

We would like to thank Gregster for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to learn more about Team MLG, check out their HWBOT team profile and also feel free to pay them a visit on their forums.

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