Computex 2014: HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering Aftermath

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Computex 2014: HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering Aftermath

Author: Timothée Pineau

Time flies! The HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering was held during the weekend following Computex 2014 three weeks ago. For most of the attending overclockers, including myself, it was one of the major highlights of this year’s Computex. This year once more, the Taipei tradeshow was the place to be for the overclocking community. More overclockers joined the festivities, and there were more overclocking events than ever before. The Anniversary Gathering wrapped up a week of OC and I wanted to recap the event once more. Here we go!

Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary

This year HWBOT celebrates its 10th Anniversary. For this special occasion, the staff rented out a small venue in the heart of Taipei and invited all overclockers to join for a weekend of relax overclocking. It was an amazing success!

“The venue – overclockers and cables everywhere”

In principle the event was not much different from your regular LAN Party, except for the liquid nitrogen that is. For 60h (of which 48 no-stop) the overclockers could bench and overclock anything they want. No restrictions! Twenty-five top overclockers attended this three-day gathering. And yes, some of them actually did the all-nighter from Saturday until Sunday. This is definitely proof of the dedication with which the overclockers exercise their hobby as they were all tired from the overclocking during the Computex week!

“Unigine Heaven At 5AM”

The venue was ideally located near the Taipei Guang Hua computer market. HWBOT brought in 10 tanks of LN2 accumulating to a total of nearly 2000 liters! If it wasn’t for the struggles with a 4-Way GTX 780 Ti setup, all of it would have been gone by Monday evening.

Overclockers joining the event were offered an event overclocking set consisting of the Z97X-SOC Force motherboard from GIGABYTE, one or two PSUs from both Enermax and Cooler Master and a set of Gelid Solutions thermal compound. Add to that free internet, drinks and food prepared by the community chef Adeline/Akane and you have a bunch of happy overclockers. That’s the best kind of overclocker!

“Thermal flask, thermal compound, motherboard and PSU – You are good to go bro!”

Not just benching

Overclocking is not just about benching hardware and setting records. The folks attending the event served of excellent proof of that. What makes the overclocking community such a strong and united family is the people at the very core. Most of us attended the event in order to spend a relaxing time with our “OC bros”. We take the time to breath after a week of competitive overclocking stress and finally catch up in a different environment than late night boozing it up at 140dB.

“Dinos22 trying out some cool eyewear”

Below I’ve embedded a bunch of interviews OCTV had with the attending overclockers. Events like the OC Anniversary Gathering are a goldmine for information about overclocking and the way overclockers experience it. There is no better place to exchange, discuss and suggest tweaks or figure out solutions helping each other out reach better results. To put explain it with a hyperbole: if you came to the event 100% overclocker, you probably left like a 200% one.

Dennis “Redmax” Garcia from Hardware Asylum also attended the HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering and record his podcast on the spot. If you want to hear Massman and Trouffman talk about the event, but also Computex and overclocking in general, check out the podcast here.

Triple Thumbs Up For the Partners

Everyone knows that without industry partners this type of event wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to the support from our event partners GIGABYTE, G.Skill, Enermax, Cooler Master and Gelid Solutions we could host this great gathering. The support is a testimony to the dedication and commitment of each of the companies have for overclocking. Thanks!

I think I speak for all of use when I say I look forward to next year. The 2014 overclocking season has only just begun (check out HOT and MOA!) and we expect next year to only be bigger and better. This is just the beginning!

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