Intel® OC Challenge Computex 2014 Rules

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Intel® OC Challenge Computex 2014 Rules

  • Date: Jun. 3, 2014
  • Time: 04:30-22:00 PM

Contest Schedule

16:30 – 17:00Reception
17:00 – 17:15Kickoff and Introductions
17:30 – 19:30OC Challenge begins
19:45Amateur Awards
20:00 – 20:30Intel/Cooler Master Presentations
21:00Competition Ends
21:15Awards Ceremony

Hardware Details

CPUIntel® Haswell Devil’s Canyon (provided by Intel®)
MotherboardZ97 (provided by ODM, must be production grade)
Graphics CardBring your own
MemoryBring your own
SSDProvided by Intel®
PSUProvided by Cooler Master
KeyboardProvided by Cooler Master
MouseProvided by Cooler Master
LED MonitorProvided by Intel®
Operating SystemWindows® 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Competition General Rules

  • Each team will consist of a maximum of four (4) participants.
  • The event will provide five (5) competition CPUs on June 3rd at the beginning of the competition start to all teams. The event will also provide two (2) SSDs with operating system pre-installed prior to the competition start
    • The competitors may not use their own CPUs.
    • The competitors may not bring their own SSD. They are not allowed to re-install the operating system. In case of SSD failure, the event will restore the operating system or supply a new SSD.
  • The competitors are required to provide the following hardware components: motherboard, memory, graphics card and cooling equipment (including containers to transport LN2 from main container).
    • The contestants are allowed to bring any amount of backup hardware.
    • Every component must be production grade (available for purchase in retail at time of contest). No engineering samples.
  • Contestants are allowed to bring their own overclocking gear such as cooler, copper container, thermal bottles. The contestants are also required to bring their own electronic equipment like multi-meter or thermometer.
  • The CPU cooling unit must be a retail All-In-One (“AIO”) water cooler. Custom loops are not allowed. The active cooling components must be the AIO.
    • Modifications to body or liquid are disallowed
    • Participants may change the fans of the cooling unit
    • Participants may improve the mounting pressure of the cooling unit
    • The participants may not insulate the cooling gear or the hardware components
    • The active cooling must be done by the AIO, but it is allowed to optimize the ambient cooling
    • Practically this means participants are allowed to use LN2 to cool the ambient air that flows through the fan and the radiator. However, when the LN2 touches the radiator it becomes active cooling which is not allowed.
  • Contestants cannot use any computer equipment not provided by the organization. This includes USB flash drives, DVD/CD-ROM or hard disk drives, etc.
    • The event will provide USB flash drives for transferring the validation files.
    • Competitors may request testing/measurement software to be added to the approval list, but must do so prior to the competition. All tools will be made available to all the contestants.
  • During the competition phase, contestants can update their posted results at any time. After the judge verifies the result, the scoreboard will be updated with the highest score from all contestants. The final approval of the results will be done after the conclusion of the competition.
  • Contestants are not allowed to accept any physical assistance during the overclocking competition from anyone not registered as competitor.
    • Physical help includes (but is not limited to) setting up the system, changing hardware components, altering BIOS settings, or handling the cooling equipment.
    • Providing advice or counseling (i.e. coaching) is allowed, but physically touching the system is not allowed by non-participants
  • Contestants must submit the result immediately after achieving the result.
  • After the competition duration has expired, the benchmark results will no longer be accepted and the best submitted result will be the final score.
  • The Judge has the right to ask any participant to re-run benchmarks to verify results.

Competition prizes

Air/LiquidLN2 Payout
Top Devil’s Canyon Frequency (4 cores/HT enabled)USD $5000USD $4000
Top Devil’s Canyon Frequency (1 core/HT disabled)USD $1250USD $1000
XTUUSD $2500USD $2000
Cinebench R15USD $1200USD $800
WPrime 1024MUSD $1200USD $800
HWBOT PrimeUSD $1200USD $800
Memory ClockUSD $1200USD $800

In addition to the set prizes above, we will offer USD $1000 for each of the world records below that are broken (first team to break the record will be paid):

  • Current Intel® 4th Gen Core™ world’s highest frequency record on 4 cores HT enabled on air/liquid cooling only
  • Current Intel® 4th Gen Core™ world’s highest XTU record on 4 cores HT enabled on air/liquid cooling only

Note: current record will be provided at the event

Verification Procedure

Below is the score submission procedure

  • 1) Achieve score
  • 2) Call over the Judge
  • 3) Make validation in front of Judge
  • 4) Save the validation to the USB stick and pass on to Judge
  • 5) Judge uploads score to competition page
  • 6) Judge score is now verified and valid for the competition

Verification requirements

For all benchmarks the general HWBOT rules and benchmark regulations apply. You can find the rules for the HWBOT benchmarks here:

CPU-Z Frequency and Memory Clock


Cinebench R15

  • The screenshot must contain the following windows:
    • Cinebench R15 result
    • CPU-Z CPU tab
    • CPU-Z Memory tab
    • CPU-Z Motherboard tab
  • A screenshot is required, photos are not valid.

WPrime 1024M

  • The screenshot must contain the following windows:
    • WPrime 1024M result
    • CPU-Z CPU tab
    • CPU-Z Memory tab.
    • CPU-Z Motherboard tab.
  • A screenshot is required, photos are not valid.


  • A datafile including screenshot must be saved
  • The screenshot must contain the following windows:
    • HWBOT Prime
    • CPU-Z CPU tab
    • CPU-Z Memory tab.
    • CPU-Z Motherboard tab.
  • A screenshot is required, photos are not valid.

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