S3 Information.

S3 Graphics is a leading provider of innovative graphics visualization technologies for the notebook and desktop markets. As a quality supplier to the OEM and retail markets, S3 Graphics powers consumer, corporate and multimedia platforms to bring the best-in-class energy efficiency, graphics/video performance, and visual features to the user.

Headquartered in Fremont, California, our long-term commitment to customers is to bring reliability, quality, performance, and state-of-the-art features to the forefront of PC applications.

Our Vision To create world-class graphics and video cores for discrete and integrated applications in the mobile, desktop, and embedded markets.

Maximizing Our Strengths S3 Graphics draws on its considerable experience in 3D graphics technologies and leverages long term partnerships with industry leaders to provide innovative and practical visual solutions for the PC world. Our core values of creativity and effective process control enable our customers' forward looking solutions.

Committed to Continuous Innovation S3 Graphics is dedicated to research, design, and development of outstanding graphics and HD video solutions. S3 Graphics maximizes on its technological innovations, synergies, product strengths, and extensive market experience to bring novel technology to the market.

Proven Track Record S3 Graphics has inherited a long tradition of graphics chip excellence from S3 Incorporated, a distinguished pioneer in the development of graphics chip technology. S3 Graphics products deliver a wide range of features and performance to serve the graphics and multimedia needs of both the home and business markets. The company continues to break new boundaries in the high quality and power efficient mobile and desktop graphics product sectors.