Z490 UD

MBMODEL overclocking records

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Reference Frequency Hungary 106.54 MHz (2.5pts) Rankings

Z490 UD used in other benchmarks

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
3DMark - Night Raid Hungary 16781 marks (0pts) Rankings
PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate Hungary 10sec 60ms (0pts) Rankings
GPU Reference Frequency Hungary 1703 MHz (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Hungary 1403 marks (2.6pts) Rankings
3DMark - Wild Life Hungary 9127 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark05 Hungary 42186 marks (0.8pts) Rankings
3DMark11 Physics Hungary 16446 Points (0pts) Rankings
7-Zip Hungary 55220 MIPS (0pts) Rankings
AS SSD2.0 Hungary 3391 marks (2.5pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 with BenchMate Hungary 15.59 pts (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 with BenchMate Hungary 1453 cb (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 with BenchMate Hungary 3450 pts (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Multi Core with BenchMate Hungary 8942 pts (2.5pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Single Core with BenchMate Hungary 1200 pts (0.9pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Hungary 27192 points (2.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Single Core Hungary 5122 points (1.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Multi Core Hungary 28511 points (2.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Single Core Hungary 6075 points (1.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench5 - Multi Core Hungary 7037 points (0pts) Rankings
Geekbench5 - Single Core Hungary 1266 points (0pts) Rankings
GPUPI v3.3 - 1B Hungary 1min 25sec 637ms (0.6pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Extreme (CPU) Hungary 3661 marks (0pts) Rankings
HWBOT Prime Russian Federation 8098.34 pps (0pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p Hungary 45.848 fps (0.5pts) Rankings
PiFast with BenchMate Hungary 14sec 0ms (0pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M with BenchMate Hungary 7sec 974ms (0pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 32M with BenchMate Hungary 7min 7sec 942ms (0pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m with BenchMate Hungary 1min 49sec 987ms (0pts) Rankings
wPrime - 32m with BenchMate Hungary 3sec 735ms (0pts) Rankings
XTU unknown 4218 marks (0pts) Rankings
XTU 2.0 unknown 5501 marks (0pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-1b Hungary 55sec 581ms (2pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-2.5b Hungary 2min 37sec 513ms (2.5pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-25m Hungary 0sec 863ms (0pts) Rankings