GIGABYTE X570S Aorus Master
X570S Aorus Master

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X570S Aorus Master used in other benchmarks

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
3DMark - Cloud Gate Italy 70262 marks (4.2pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike Italy 44763 marks (4.2pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme Italy 29716 marks (4.4pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike Ultra United States 15141 marks (5.6pts) Rankings
3DMark - Ice Storm United States 205479 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Ice Storm Extreme United States 196466 marks (0pts) Rankings
PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate Australia 13sec 189ms (2pts) Rankings
3DMark - Wild Life Extreme United States 40077 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Port Royal Germany 13286 marks (15pts) Rankings
3DMark - Sky Diver Italy 103080 marks (3pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Canada 24430 marks (7pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Extreme Canada 12440 marks (15pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy (GPU) Italy 23125 marks (4.6pts) Rankings
3DMark - Wild Life United States 110121 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark Vantage - Extreme Italy 68689 marks (4.8pts) Rankings
3DMark Vantage - Performance Italy 94474 marks (4.8pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Entry United States 43372 marks (4.2pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Extreme United States 20865 marks (3.6pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Performance Germany 50868 marks (20pts) Rankings
Aquamark United States 117875 marks (3pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 1080p United States 58141 marks (0pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 1440p United States 34207 marks (0pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 4K United States 17306 marks (0pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 576p United States 94763 marks (0pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 720p United States 86629 marks (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - 2003 Honduras 7315 cb (2.6pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 Canada 59.58 cb (21.4pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 Canada 5435 cb (24.6pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 Canada 12521 cb (27.6pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Multi Core with BenchMate United States 35972 cb (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Single Core with BenchMate Honduras 1485 cb (12.6pts) Rankings
CPU Frequency Honduras 4498.95 MHz (10.4pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Multi Core 95456 points (0pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Single Core Honduras 6524 points (9.6pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Compute United States 435339 points (0pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Multi Core Honduras 54432 points (11.8pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Single Core Honduras 6796 points (11.4pts) Rankings
Geekbench5 - Multi Core Honduras 13132 points (2pts) Rankings
Geekbench5 - Single Core Honduras 1596 points (10.6pts) Rankings
GPUPI for CPU - 1B Canada 37sec 281ms (11pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p Italy 138.328 fps (8.6pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 4k Italy 33.728 fps (5pts) Rankings
PCMark 7 United States 11119 marks (7pts) Rankings
PCMark10 United States 8706 marks (10pts) Rankings
PCMark10 Express United States 6636 marks (2.4pts) Rankings
PCMark10 Extended United States 12184 marks (6pts) Rankings
PiFast Australia 17sec 10ms (13.2pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M Australia 7sec 506ms (11.8pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 32M Malaysia 6min 7sec 974ms (15.6pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Basic United States 8311.22 DX9 Marks (4.2pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme United States 7126.21 DX11 Marks (4.4pts) Rankings
Unigine Superposition - 1080P Xtreme Italy 12951 points (5pts) Rankings
Unigine Superposition - 8K Optimized Italy 6852 points (4.8pts) Rankings
VRMark - Blue Room United States 6067 marks (6pts) Rankings
VRMark - Cyan Room United States 21376 marks (6pts) Rankings
VRMark - Orange Room United States 14449 marks (2.3pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m Malaysia 37sec 506ms (9.9pts) Rankings
wPrime - 32m Canada 1sec 556ms (26.2pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-1b Canada 21sec 982ms (27.6pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-2.5b Canada 1min 3sec 544ms (18pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-25m Canada 0sec 459ms (0pts) Rankings