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DISK overclocking records

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AS SSD2.0 n/a Rankings

RealSSD C300 used in other benchmarks

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
3DMark - Cloud Gate Canada 55666 marks (0.9pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike United States 13532 marks (0.2pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme Brazil 6313 marks (1.4pts) Rankings
3DMark - Ice Storm Canada 230699 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Ice Storm Extreme Canada 215867 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Ice Storm Unlimited Canada 213028 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Sky Diver Canada 36532 marks (1.5pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Germany 10923 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark Vantage - Extreme Canada 35924 marks (0.9pts) Rankings
3DMark Vantage - Performance Japan 81745 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark03 Japan 205300 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark05 Japan 65654 marks (6.3pts) Rankings
3DMark06 Japan 49484 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Entry United Kingdom 22945 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Extreme Iceland 6666 marks (0.8pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Performance Japan 27973 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark11 Physics Canada 15377 Points (0pts) Rankings
3DMark2000 Italy 59397 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark2001 SE Japan 151585 marks (0pts) Rankings
Aquamark Japan 534874 marks (8.9pts) Rankings
Cinebench - 2003 Canada 5570 points (1.8pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 Japan 16.26 points (0.5pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 Canada 1394 cb (14.2pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 Canada 2890 marks (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 with BenchMate Canada 2459 pts (0pts) Rankings
CPU Frequency Japan 8001.64 mhz (18.9pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Canada 27317 points (2.3pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Single Core Canada 4574 points (0.9pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Multi Core Canada 26873 points (0.2pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Single Core Canada 5198 points (1.5pts) Rankings
HWBOT Prime Canada 6200.2 pps (0pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p Canada 34.13 fps (5.7pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 4k Canada 6.88 fps (1.8pts) Rankings
Memory Frequency Japan 1517.9 MHz (0pts) Rankings
PCMark 7 United Kingdom 7773 marks (13.5pts) Rankings
PCMark Vantage United Kingdom 37576 marks (18.5pts) Rankings
PCMark04 United Kingdom 21051 marks (10.1pts) Rankings
PiFast Japan 10sec 450ms (28.1pts) Rankings
Reference Frequency Canada 458.32 MHz (0.5pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M Japan 5sec 234ms (38.2pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 32M Japan 4min 42sec 609ms (46.6pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Basic Canada 5084.29 DX9 Marks (12.9pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Japan 7304.6 DX11 Marks (8.6pts) Rankings
Unigine Superposition - 1080P Xtreme Canada 732 Points (0.5pts) Rankings
Unigine Superposition - 8K Optimized Canada 134 Points (2.5pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m Canada 1min 36sec 723ms (17.4pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m with BenchMate Canada 1min 56sec 272ms (0pts) Rankings
wPrime - 32m Japan 2sec 687ms (10.7pts) Rankings
XTU Germany 2333 marks (0pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-25m Canada 1sec 626ms (0pts) Rankings