OverClock.Net Freezer' Burn Round 3 has started

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Freezer’ Burn overclocking competition. The goal of this competition is to have fun with overclocking and create a fair environment where we can compete against each other.

In a departure from previous completions, this time we chose to focus on newer generation components. For this competition we are going to do things a little different, instead of using only one specific GPU, we are going to allow cards from both AMD and Nvidia. To make things fair we are going to limit the cards down to only a few models. If you choose to do battle with a Nvidia card, then you will be limited to the GTX1060 6GB card, or any lesser Pascal GPU. If you want to play with the AMD cards, then the limit will be RX 580 8GB card, or any lesser Polaris GPU. Both of the top models have been known to be very similar with benchmark performance, so it should make a nice competition.

Dec 27, 2019 - press release - overclock.net