HWBOT Community Holds Fundraiser for Pulse88 & Rosty

A week or so ago news emerged that Dimastech had officially gone out of business and was filing for bankruptcy in Italy. . Dimastech was a popular vendor of phase-change cooling systems and benchtables among other things. In the wake of the company’s demise however some overclockers were unluckily worse off, having paid up from for products that were ultimately not delivered - an outcome that has had a particularly negative outcome for two overclockers in particular; Pulse88 and Rosty.

Considering the unfortunate nature of the circumstances outlined above, the HWBOT community has responded brilliantly. TheMadDutchDude, also known as Brendon, has kicked off a fundraising initiative on the HWBOT forum, essentially facilitating a way for members of the HWBOT community to make cash contributions to a fund which will then be divided equally between Pulse88 and Rosty. It’s not entirely clear how far the fundraiser will be able to compensate all losses, but it hoped that will considerably soften the blow.

It’s great to see the overclocking community respond in this way. As a relatively new member myself, it is touching to see so many members actively trying to put right a situation that has made so many feel aggrieved.

To make a donation to the fund simply follow the instructions posted by The MadDutchDude on the HWBOT forum here.

Jul 22, 2016 - article - forum.hwbot.org